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Why A Virtual Office Address Is Better Than A P.O. Box?

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Millennials are all different. The variance is the only thing that remains alike in us. Well, not the only one, because there is another too- the need to remain anonymous. The internet has given us more than what one could imagine a century ago. It has also given us the freedom to camouflage our identity, address and recognition. This has been used extensively by small business owners, freelancers, solopreneurs and digital nomads to shift from physical office space to virtual office space.

Although work from home is trending, it must be done in a manner that the clients and partners should not feel a difference. It should be portrayed in a manner that it is being carried out from prime business address, whereas, in reality, it could be managed from a kitchen table.

Many firms that work from a residential complex are apprehensive to give out their address and details. This is because the business tends to lose its repute and wall street image when a home or residential address is used. Besides, it also creates privacy and security issues. This drives them to a point, where they can choose either a PO box or a virtual office address. The choice is always yours to pick, however here are a few points that will help you make a better decision:

Demonstrates professionalism

Any customer approaches a business basically because they see credibility and professionalism in it. Reliability is another factor. When the venture has a professional mailing address, business cards and website, then it improves business legitimacy and makes it look genuine and authentic. On the other hand, prompt and punctual replies are an added advantage and build customer loyalty. When firms use virtual office space for their address, they get notified every time a mail is received.

Shatters the confinement of a physical locale

The world is now a global village and traveling is inescapable. Using a virtual office space for address gives you an upper hand because it is omnipresent. You can access the mailbox from any corner of the world. Thus, it gives a befitting alternative to PO box, which is tied down to a geographical location. One can receive and send mail in a fully efficient manner without worrying about going back to the formal dwelling of the organization.

Galvanize your brand image

The prestigious image of a firm is a result of a well-built corporate identity. A ritzy address shows success and status at a glance whereas a PO box is a symbol of low-budget and uncertain commitment. The most impressive name can be chosen based on the brand’s line of thought and ideals and values. An impressive and admirable business address and location forecast a virtuous penumbra of the organization.

Acts like a handy assistant

Handling a business venture is much more than receiving, prioritizing, or sorting mails. When you opt for a virtual address rather than a PO box, it acts as a personal assistant for you. Customers have a positive outlook when they don’t have to wait long for your reply. This can be achieved by choosing virtual office space for your address, where you get a personal assistant.

Safeguards your privacy

Although both the PO box and virtual address score well on privacy, the latter is a little ahead. It keeps privacy more secure and doesn’t give access to your personal details without your permission.

Strengthens your advertising and marketing campaigns

When you use a virtual address, it is automatically visible from all search engines including google. Anyone from any part of the world can search for your address. If it is SEO-friendly, it can generate more traffic to your virtual venture. This, however, isn’t the case with a PO box.

Easy expansion and growth

As discussed above, for instance, an address from a virtual office in Hyderabad is accessible from anywhere. This makes your firm hold a widespread presence from across the globe, minimizing the efforts required for multinational mushrooming.

In addition to this, there are loads of professional solutions and smart features that come with the address from a virtual office space. The virtual medium gives us the chance to collaborate with anyone, anywhere and at any time. If you take a Virtual office address from iKeva, then you get access to the iKeva’s community, its member benefits and access to meeting rooms when you are in need of a professional discussion. Marketing mistakes come with a hefty cost. In the present robotic and automated world, the PO box sounds archaic and obsolete. If you are a progress-driven firm, or a self-employed beginner or even a startup enthusiast, iKeva’s virtual office solutions are customized to your needs and demands.

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