There are several people who are under the impression that working from home is the most cost-effective, most-independent and also supportive of any startup. There are reasons why people think so, they feel that they would get a lot of space for themselves without any probable distractions from the several other departments, business units as well as all other things which usually happen in the conventional office spaces. This seems to be a sensible decision to work from home as one has the liberty of setting their own schedules, can take time off whenever they wish and wherever they desire. Talking of all these, you might not find any disadvantage of working from home but when it is time to determine the productivity, efficiency, security as well as making the best use of the opportunities, then working from home may not seem to be a great option to you. Following is a brief discussion highlighting the major disadvantages people face while working from home.

  • Inadequate resources and amenities– If you opt to work from your home, then you are restricted to working from your living spaces. This can prove to be a major disadvantage as you cannot schedule a professional meeting with a prospective investor or client at your home. Furthermore, while in the process of working from home, you are responsible for arranging for a long list of services and supplies which are necessary for seamless operation. This eventually proves to be tiresome as well as strain your budget considerably.
  • Cabin fever as you are not being a part of any community– While working from home in the long run, this is obvious that you will lack the necessary social interaction with your colleagues and peers. This would eventually result in morbid feelings of isolation which would in turn very strongly prove to be counterproductive.  
  • Unsuitable internet speed– Home internet usually has a lower bandwidth which is not very suitable for business purposes. Furthermore, if the internet connection in your home is not secured, then there is a risk of your business facing the consequences of jeopardy as there are strong chances of losing critical information or money while using an unsecured connection. So, it is always safe to use a secured high-speed internet connection with an organized office.
  • No opportunities for collaboration– While operating from a coworking space, you will always have access to several other members who are operating from the same office space. This enables a congenial environment where new ideas can be proposed and brainstormed. Best of all, the coworking spaces often offer the workspace management platform which can be very well utilized for connecting with the other users on several special collaborative tasks or projects. All these facilities cannot be availed while working from home.
  • A non-optimal environment for working– The work surface that you usually have at home is prone to several distractions. Especially if you are residing in a small apartment in a big metropolitan city in India, the distractions are even more because of the limited carpet area and the hustle & bustle of the city life. People who operate from home sometimes rush to a nearby coffee shop and convert the place to a “coffice” for a client meeting.
  • Lack of security– In case your home is broken into, then the overall operation of your business is subjected to risk. Moreover, in case your network is not secured by a solution of professional-grade, your records and files can be compromised or breached. In case, your clients end up suffering from a theft of identity, you can be held liable for the same. This is considered to be a huge disadvantage of working from home.
  • The absence of project management– Emails and Google docs are not enough for proper project management. At times when you are multi-tasking on several critical assignments, you necessarily require a concrete project management for managing all your projects properly. People who work from home usually do not have access to a proper project management system which turns out to be a major disadvantage.
  • The company not being on the same page– Emails are not always good enough to work with several team members remotely. In the absence of proper infrastructure, at times you, your coworkers and your superiors will always struggle to remain on the same page.
  • Opportunity costs– The lack of right resources and supplies at home sometimes lead to missed opportunities. You miss out on opportunities like collaborating with other like-minded peers and high-speed internet connectivity. Eventually, you will miss out making the big amount of money which can be possibly be done from a coworking space.
  • Lack of self-motivation– While working from home, you usually work alone and this may lead to a lack of self-motivation. If you choose a coworking space instead of your home, you will be surrounded by several productive neighbors. Also, the infrastructure and design of the coworking spaces bring in a certain level of inspiration for the members of the coworking spaces. This self-motivation that you receive while working from a coworking space certainly proves to be an invaluable asset in accomplishing your professional goals.

The coworking spaces are undoubtedly gaining immense popularity in the recent years granting several flexibilities and inspiration to the people operating from the space. Thus, working from home has indeed become increasingly passé in the recent times. As discussed in this write-up, working from home can majorly affect your efficiency, productivity, future opportunities and your level of inspiration.

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