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Incredible Statistics on Coworking Which Will Make You Leave Your Cubicle

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The trends in coworking spaces have by now proved that these workspaces are great for enhancing productivity and maintaining the desired work-life balance. Coworking spaces encourage collaboration over competition and also facilitate bringing like-minded people together under one roof to learn from each other, network effectively, stimulate the level of creativity, reduce the stress levels and get work accomplished seamlessly.

Coworking still continues to be an unconventional and disruptive force when it comes to workspaces. The effectively unique design of the coworking spaces helps in boosting productivity, morale and cost-effectiveness. 2018 is undoubtedly another year which has witnessed certain remarkable changes which have created a significant shift in our way of working. In the present times, there are several corporations in India and also across the globe which are happily and enthusiastically entering this fold attracted by the ever-increasing trend and the long list of benefits attached to coworking. With the major change in the demands when it comes to workspaces, the maturation of the millennial workforce and the growing workforce preferring plug & play offices, coworking indeed has brought in a special sauce which contributes in the improvement of the company’s culture. This write-up is intended towards highlighting few of the major coworking statistics which you should certainly take a notice of and these would probably make you leave your cubicle and opt for a coworking space. Read on to know the interesting statistics.

  1. 67% of the members who operate from coworking spaces have reported improving their professional accomplishments. Thus, this says that coworking spaces give the workforce a more congenial and ergonomic environment for operating optimally.
  2. 40% of the workforce will operate as temps, freelancers, solo-preneurs or independent contractors by 2020. So, it’s obvious that the demand for the coworking spaces is eventually forecasted to increase considerably in the coming years. This is certainly a figure which you can’t ignore under any circumstances. As most of the people in India and also worldwide are opting to choose a flexible lifestyle and we can’t ignore this trend. Coworking spaces have proved to be really great for the freelancers who are unable to manage their work from home or do not prefer to meet clients in nearby coffee shops. Likewise, for the organizations which have remote employees, can very fruitfully take the right advantage of this arrangement. In case, you are an entrepreneur and want an employee to be appointed at a remote location, in such cases, you can take advantage of a coworking space
  3. 70% of the workforces who operate from coworking spaces have felt healthier as compared to working from the traditional office settings. This may be due to all the stress that is associated with traditional office settings or maybe because the coworking spaces administrators take more initiatives for promoting wellness. As per a survey, the workforce operating from a plug & play offices end up feeling healthier while operating from a coworking space.
  4. 64% of the workforces operating from coworking spaces are better able to complete all their tasks on time. This is indeed an amazing statistic which speaks volumes regarding the power of the coworking spaces. In case people are more productive when they are operating from coworking spaces, then the companies should take the right advantage of the same. Any freelancer or temp whom a company hires should be based in a coworking space instead of allowing them to work from a coffee shop.
  5. 92% of the workforces who operate from a coworking space are satisfied in their work profile. This is undoubtedly great news and every coworking administrator should really be proud of this fact. The coworking administrators are doing a great job of very effectively ingraining a right sense of community within everyone who operates from a coworking space. They also organize certain networking events and several community-building initiatives that make the impact of these initiatives all the more beneficial and satisfying.
  6. 60% of the coworking workforce expressed themselves to be more relaxed in the coworking spaces. Work-life balance is certainly very important in everyone’s life for maintaining the right hygiene in life. The immense amount of stress involved in a typical employee in a corporate company has the potential of damaging the health and relationships. Anything which helps in achieving a better work-life balance is crucial. The coworking spaces which are well-known for the freedom and flexibility they offer great work-life balance.
  7. 91% of the workforces have reported having better interactions after working when operating from coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are deemed to be the best places for interacting and networking with the other like-minded members who are operating from under the same roof. There are numerous instances when people have found their mentors and like-minded peers while working from coworking spaces.
  8. Coworking spaces are deemed to be most suitable for the millennials as it has been found that 78% of the coworkers are under the age of 40 years. Coworking spaces are expanding rapidly as coworking has become a major trend amongst the young corporate workforce under the age of 40.
  9. This has been found that 90% of the workforces who operate from the coworking spaces feel more confident. There is perhaps some placebo effect in the atmosphere of the coworking spaces where everyone automatically works hard and this offers a motivation to achieve more. There is also an easy access to certain necessary resources and events which give them a sense which supports networking and also boosts your confidence level.
  10. 50% of the workforces who operate from the coworking spaces have reported generating higher incomes. This is indeed an interesting fact to consider as the entrepreneurs and freelancers who operate from the coworking spaces have more motivation to work harder as compared to those who operate from the coffee shops or their residences. This eventually facilitates the entrepreneurs and freelancers to generate more income.

The above fascinating statistics and facts are self-explanatory and talks volumes about the benefits of the coworking spaces. We would be more than happy to hear your experiences and stories regarding the coworking spaces. Feel free to share those with us by writing to us in the comment box below.


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