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6 Ideas to Pep-up Your Coworking Space

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A coworking space lives up to its name when it becomes a melting pot of the diverse crowd of professionals inspiring real community bonding, creativity and success. Here are some ideas that could open the doors to making your coworking space one that truly reflects the essence of coworking – breeding workaholics who are also the life of parties.


  • Breakfast Breathers – Inspire the coworking community members to meet up a little early, once a week or a month for breakfast together. This makes up for a great chance to share ideas, concepts or even get a bit personal. Waffle Wednesdays might be a great way to start.
  • Monthly Classes/Workshops – Invite a local expert or one of the members and arrange for a talk on any subject that would interest and inspire the community at large. Any topic like a quick brushing up on social media marketing or entrepreneurship, public speaking or leadership followed by an interactive session could be a huge value addition for many, adding to the perks of your working space. Check out iKeva’s Facebook page for all the events coming up in your center.
  • Early Morning Yoga or a Group Run – Intended mostly to increase fellow feeling between co-workers, this could also be a great way to keep both the workers and the workspace healthy and free of unnecessary negativity.
  • Wine and Work Sessions – An astonishing study has recently revealed the heart benefits of exercise coupled with wine. Follow up a morning run with a wine and work session planned out towards early evening to give people a chance to communicate (be it professional or personal) without falling prey to inhibitions.
  • Capitalism Over a Cuppa – Invite a local capitalist to give a talk on finding the perfect funding, especially for the start-ups. A networking session afterwards could also help in finding investors for member businesses.
  • Monthly Game Gigs – This is the chance to dig out the old board games like Tambola or Housie, or even the good old Uno for the loyalists. Not just members, but their friends and family can also be encouraged to attend. This could open up your co-working space to non members, and present a chance to impress, and eventually make them a part of your work community. Join us for the Friday fun activities at a center near you.


All these ideas are basically intended at encouraging more participation from the community and creating a common platform for communication, networking and growth that is not just professional, but also personal. Open-hearted and free spirited individuals who can seamlessly blend in with each other in spite of their differences, can go a long way in creating a co-working space that abounds in life, energy and productivity.

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