Meetings are unquestionably common and, in many cases, required in every organisation. A
meeting accomplishes numerous corporate objectives such as discussions over an important
topic, setting objectives for the quarter, among others, in addition to providing opportunity
for employees to exchange ideas and discuss the process of accomplishing common goals.
Business meetings are not pointless or a waste of time; they may help you achieve your
objectives while saving time, money, and talent. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences
and Exhibitions) are a part of the growth trajectory of organizations, not to mention business
related tourism. Generally, meetings are held and organised for distinct purposes at every
corporate office and commercial facility.
Coworking spaces provide fully furnished office space, plug and play office, business center,
workspace, office on rent, shared offices and more. The importance of a meeting room is
significant, and coworking spaces provide compelling reasons to hold your next conference at
a shared office space. Here are five such reasons:

1. Good interiors

Despite the significance of a meeting room within an organisation, one may not be able to
provide appropriate attention to finer details such as the space’s proportions, decor, or
lighting, and even the seats might be uncomfortable. Given the number of hours in
conference rooms, the convenience and comfort of the participants should be given first
consideration. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. A conference room with low
lighting, gloomy décor, and creaky chairs is filled with pessimism. Exquisite and vibrant
interiors with ergonomic furniture represent optimism in the coworking spaces. Your team’s
productivity will increase as a result of the atmosphere established by such a design. It’s
probably due to the reptile component of the human psyche, but beautiful things can be quite
efficient in captivating others. It makes participants eager to come in and work.

2. Advanced communication systems

High-speed internet is available in coworking spaces, and advanced communication systems,
such as a microphone and speakers, are required. The meeting rooms in coworking spaces are
well-equipped with tablets, displays, speakers with mic, and overhead projectors, all of which
are essential for presenting and business meetings.

3. Cost effective

As an alternative, some organisations contemplate holding meetings in the plush ambience of
convention centres or star-rated hotels, but the expense problem comes into the equation.
Particularly when the meetings are conducted on a regular basis, then the overhead expenses
become high.
Meeting rooms in coworking spaces, on the other hand, are far less pricey, and having an
annual agreement with facilities reduces the cost even more. One of the most appealing
aspects of renting a meeting room at a coworking space would be that you can choose the
amount of seats you want to reserve, the type of meeting room you would like to rent, the
hours that you require the meeting room for, and the facilities you desire – and you shall
be charged for only what you want. This would prevent the cost from escalating. This enables
even small businesses or start-ups in their early phases to conduct a business meeting in a
professional setting. There’s no doubt that it’s far less expensive and accessible than booking
a hotel room.

4. Flexible to suit the needs of your company

Coworking spaces provide far more mobility as far as scale of operations is concerned. If a
business, for instance, wishes to host a meeting only for its internal personnel, or if their
clients and staff will both be in attendance, the coworking space suitably customises the
meeting room space to cater to the company’s specific priorities. In addition, you can
organise a meeting for as little as 5, or 10-15 people, unlike hotels, which require at least a
reservation of 80-100 people to cover their dining costs. Shared office space, coworking
desks, coworking centres, managed offices, and private offices are all available in coworking
spaces, and you only pay for what you use.

5. Location is easy to access for in-person meetings

Most of the coworking office spaces are located in prime locations or premium business hubs
that offer good connectivity and are easy to commute as well. Such business centers are
easily accessible by all means of transport and are mostly centrally located. This adds up the
convenience factor of the attendees.

Summing up

If you need a reliable coworking space in Bangalore with no hidden costs, then a trusted name is
iKeva. iKeva provides meeting rooms equipped with the latest infrastructure, i.e. whiteboard,
speaker, mic and projector. What’s more, you shall get business-grade internet and audio
conferencing facilities. You can get access to unlimited tea, coffee and water as well. iKeva
has meeting rooms spread across three major cities, namely, Hyderabad, Bangalore and
Mumbai in prime business districts. So why not schedule your next meeting in a convenient,
affordable and best-in-class coworking center?

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