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Community Matters: Celebrating New Year as part of a working community

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The New Year to a lot of us is about having fun, spending time with friends and family or loved ones and generally having a good time. And so, the thought of spending New Years’ eve at the office is a thought none of us like to think about, or even enjoy the idea of. The end of a year is a time for joy, of celebrating the turning of a year, reminiscing about the year gone by and contemplating the future.

With work however, and constant deadlines to meet, celebrating the New Year might not always be possible. There are times when you have to remain at the office on 31st December, or even have to come into the office the day after. Not an appealing prospect to anyone. So what can you do to have fun at New Years’ when you’re stuck in the office? Make the celebrations as part of your work day, and bring in your co-workers and colleagues to make it a community-driven event.

Celebrating New Year at a workplace can be fun with the right elements and, holding a celebration with your colleagues is not a bad idea either. It brings employees together, increases camaraderie and cooperation. It works even better to boost creativity and productivity in the workspace.

Let Your Silly Side Show: There’s plenty you can do to make New Years’ at the office more enjoyable, and what better way than to engage in a little silly fun with your colleagues, especially when the boss is not around to watch? Hold an impromptu singing competition or a karaoke, have a good old egg-race, because there’s always room for the classics. You can even hold some fun games like dumb charades or card games.

Contest and compete: Contests are a really fun activity. Holding singing competitions, or a fitness competitions with special gifts for the winner are all interesting ways of lightening the atmosphere in your workplace for the New Year. Contests help build healthy competitive attitudes in the workplace too.

Food Fiesta: Food is a great way to celebrate and bring people together. Organize a potluck, with people bringing in home-cooked food, or hold a cooking competition where the best chef wins! Food makes any celebration enjoyable.

Go Thematic: Speak to your colleagues before the New Year and decide on a theme for your workplace! It could be anything from a dress-up event, or a day where everyone dresses up as their favourite superhero or TV character. Make a theme to go with your New Year at the office to make it interesting all around!

Spruce up the office: What’s a New Years’ Day without any decorations? Pick up some streamers and silly string, or decorate your office to go with the theme you chose to make your day at the office a little more fun!

There are so many things you can do to make your office awesome for the New Year, especially when you’re celebrating with your colleagues and workplace community. The possibilities are endless!