We care about people’s smiles! Dental Camp at iKeva Chennai

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We care about people’s smiles!
Dental Camp at iKeva Chennai

Society as a whole is becoming more and more health-conscious. It’s no longer about just being generally healthy either. More and more people are making active lifestyle choices to be in the best of health, keep themselves in the best shape and, more importantly, look their best! Everything from the condition of skin and hair, to their food habits are gaining ground. Oral health is a major part of this. People are doing their best to prevent dental problems by making smart choices with their teeth. Whether it is teeth whitening to rid themselves of stains, to dental implants. People are increasingly conscious about their teeth. Dental care is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. At iKeva, we believe in oral and dental health and so, we have invited Dentistry experts to our Perungudi, Chennai Office on the 8th of January to speak about the importance of dental care, and proved a free dental check-up to our employees and our clients! Boost your confidence with a winning smile!

Who can attend?
The iKeva dental Camp is open to anyone interested. Our employees are a major part of this event, as are people who have opted for our serviced offices. We also extend invitations to the members in our co-working spaces, and they can bring their friends too! If you are part of our virtual office network, you can come on down too. If you, the person reading this are interested too, you’re welcome to join us as well! This event is open to anybody interested.

We, at iKeva strive to be more than workspace providers. We believe in offering a complete experience that is not limited to our office spaces. We provide networking opportunities, a community for our members and many more benefits. We also believe in healthy lifestyles and promoting quality of life. At iKeva, we care about people’s smiles!


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