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Why Is Coworking Space Ideal for Shy and Introverted Individuals?

community in a plug and play office

In a Coworking space, one comes across an utterly mismatched sort of people. From complaint-boxes to cheerleaders, from soreheads to […]

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Preventive Measures Taken By iKeva To Keep The Community Safe

Preventive Measures taken by iKeva

Do you know, as per Experts, CoronaVirus is going to stay for 12 to 18 months? Finding a medicine or […]

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Breaking Conventional Work Culture With iKeva


The Indian corporate scene is witnessing some fascinating transformations and amalgamations with respect to office spaces and work culture lately. […]

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Challenges That Entrepreneurial Women Face In The 21st Century

A prominent arguable notion of the twenty-first century is how the women entrepreneurs are fairing in the society. Are they […]

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Shared Offices are incubation platforms for breeding gainful networks

people working in a coworking space

Do you think a mere 500 friends on Facebook, thousands of followers on Twitter and those several thousand of Instagram […]

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How Coworking Spaces Curb Your Workaholic Tendencies?

Co-Working Space Mumbai

This is a universal truth that all of us love our remunerations more than our work. In order to achieve […]

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8 Useful Tips to Socialize With Your Coworking Neighbors

flexible Spaces

Joining a coworking space can prove to be a turning point for your business as you would be exposed to […]

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Why is iKeva a Perfect Workshop for the Contemporary Populace?

Co-Working Space

There has been an undeniable shift in the priorities & the overall mentality of the millennials when it comes to […]

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9 Major Ways of Building a Community in a Coworking Space

Coworking Spacec Gurgaon

¬†While we talk about coworking spaces, two major goals that come up are building a strong community of professionals and […]

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Ways of Improving Creativity & Collaboration with Coworking

Coworking Space Community

Startups usually have got a mythical characteristic about them no matter whether it is a billion-dollar unicorn or a humble […]

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