Here’s How A Coworking Space Keeps The Community Engaged

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Community is at the heart of a coworking space. However, the pandemic did pose a challenge for companies and coworking spaces alike to meet the requirements of establishing a link between coworkers. It takes a lot of effort to build a community. Vision, commitment, and consistency in community administration are most important for community engagement.

Even the most finely designed workplace in the world cannot sustain a disengaged “community.” Having a strategy in place to keep your community engaged and productive. This also helps the companies to create their unique brand identity as a company that cares.

Shared office spaces are a preferred choice of companies and individuals and are projected to grow much more in the coming years. Keeping this in mind, meeting the demands concerning community engagement provides an optimum atmosphere for innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

Here are 7 ways how coworking space addresses the challenges of community engagement:

Community Events

Humans are social beings. Hosting a happy hour party, potlucks, and after-hours gatherings is a great opportunity for employees to get to know one another without interfering with work. Mostly, the events arranged by shared office spaces have a sense of purpose, such as speaker sessions, workshops, NGOs’ interaction etc. These well-curated events not only build contact between people but also allows them to discover the potential for forming a new network.

Happy Hour: A tried-and-true favourite with some furnished office spaces, in happy hours companies are invited to unwind with a drink or glass of wine at the end of the day. Mostly, the workspaces do not allow alcoholic drinks on premises. In such a case, the members are invited to a pub or bar after office hours.

Lunch-and-Learns: Your workspace provider might host a reading club, brainstorming session, or sociable potluck meal over lunch. Or they might bring in outside specialists to advise members on various issues, such as programming, accounting, and establishing work-life balance.

Guest Speakers: Whether in-person or virtually, some coworking spaces host a lecture or presentation from a thought leader in the sector. Not only is this a terrific chance for networking, but also makes the members leave with a new perspective and some much-needed encouragement!



Sharing feedback, ideas and opinions is also a fantastic method to address the challenges of community engagement. iKeva recently hosted a townhall at our Sanali Spazio center. A platform where all the members get together along with the workspace provider to exchange appreciation and suggestions on ways to improve services goes a long way.


Professional and Skill Development Workshops

As a member, you might organise classes to share your professional abilities with other members in the coworking space. Who wouldn’t want to expand their skill set while working? This will foster a more collaborative atmosphere for individuals and contribute to the development of a strong community. This will enable the members to gain unique recognition in the community, and, at the same time, other members will also have the opportunity to acquire new abilities.


A conversation starter

Coworking space is not for keeping separate workstations; rather, it is for developing strong communication with like-minded individuals or a group of young professionals with distinctive ideas, forming a strong network, and seeking company growth opportunities. Community engagement events can help to break the ice and allow coworking space members to connect. iKeva engages our members by simple acts such as penning “thought of the day” and by putting up a monthly calendar having special days. Our breakout zone has games such as table tennis, carrom board, dart board and chess along with foosball, snooker and even Tambola. Such initiatives help the members to interact with each other.


Continue with Community-Initiated Events

It is a fantastic idea to allow members to express themselves in the shared office space. Is it conceivable for them to bring in a charitable organisation, an activity, or an event? It is, indeed. A coworking space is a platform for them to draw in outside influences. In such a case, discuss with your workspace provider to get permission and assistance. In this way, the members get fully engaged with both the space and activity through which they can share their enthusiasm with the rest of the group. Member gatherings give participants opportunities for networking and business, as well as a chance to discuss their enterprise with others.


Using Physical Space to Form and Nurture Relationships

The physical atmosphere of coworking spaces with multiple companies working under the same roof, by nature, encourages collaboration. This open, planned environment is already a terrific location for people to meet and simply talk. The usage of coffee and water cooler talks for sharing relevant insights and exchanging new ideas, for instance. Or members making use of recreational areas or even lounging on a bean bag for casual conversations. After all, not all talks are solemn and professional. iKeva celebrates all major festivals at our centers, engaging the members in center decoration or rangolis and hosting engaging activities.

Basically, starting a discussion amongst the community members is the first step in developing long-term partnerships. Sharing your experience and inviting other people to share theirs as well is a plus for members.

In a nutshell

Being a coworking space operator entails more than just providing individuals with mere working spaces. Coworking spaces are more than simply a location for people to work their 9-to-5s. Office spaces for rent are ideal spaces for building genuine connections among members and establishing a community engagement that people will be proud to be a part of.

iKeva is one such coworking space in Bangalore where you can engage yourself with a vibrant and thriving community. To know more about the community benefits, click here. So, we can say that the community that stays and works together, also celebrates together.