How Coworking Spaces Curb Your Workaholic Tendencies?

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This is a universal truth that all of us love our remunerations more than our work. In order to achieve the dream remuneration that we always want to achieve, there is an immense level of hard work involved. However, there are several people who enjoy being immersed in work for long hours and sometimes it becomes difficult for them to even leave their desk once they start working. This is an indication that you are turning into a workaholic and it is high time to determine the correct ways of improving the quality of life by maintaining the desired work-life balance. There are several coworking spaces Mumbai which is taking the initiatives of encouraging their members to maintain the optimal work-life balance and eventually improving their quality of life.

Here are the few hacks that the coworking spaces are adopting to help their members maintain their work-life balance.

  • Incorporating fun activities into your schedule – This indeed sounds like a very simple idea but there are certain proven benefits of incorporating a few fun activities into your schedule. As a corporate professional, it is very essential for you to maintain a work-life balance for a healthy and productive life in the long run. You should ideally follow a schedule which incorporates the priorities which makes you feel happy, contented and fulfilling. If you are highly engrossed in your work and lately not engaging in any leisure activities, then you should immediately give a serious thought to incorporate some such fun activities in your schedule regularly to maintain the work-life balance which is very crucial both for your physical and mental health.

If you are coworking, it is easier for you to maintain a work-life balance. You can create a system for yourself where you should set your weekly goals and then make it a point to add at least one trip to the cocktail lounge once every Friday and hang out with your coworkers informally. Monday blues is one of the most common phenomena that persist globally. None like Mondays but perhaps who may bring in some fun in your Mondays by treating yourself to a sumptuous lunch at a great restaurant near your office. You can also plan the weekends well ahead of time and can be well-spent by watching a concert or by catching up with old friends for a dinner.

  • Scheduling time with friends and family and sticking to it – This is true that work is the only thing that puts the bread on the table for you and your family every single day. But this does not mean that you will only prioritize your work commitments over all your family engagements. In case you feel you are workaholic or your coworkers are repeatedly tagging you a workaholic, then the very first step is to admit the tendencies for which are tending to make you a workaholic. Once you identify the things that are making you a workaholic, then you can correct those tendencies by dividing your time optimally between work and family so that both your professional and personal lives thrive well in the due course of the time.
  • Holding yourself accountable & enlisting your coworkers for helping you out – This is a human tendency that one will neglect or side-track work and other priorities in case you do not have that angel on your shoulder who repeatedly reminds you to get back to work. But then there are a group of such people who become addicted to working and they end up over-working continuously for days and months together which spoil their work-life balance and also tells upon their health many times. You can easily designate your coworker in the coworking space who can act as an invigilator for you to track that you achieve your goals as per plan within the designated time. This may sound a little weird to you in the beginning but this informal way has helped many members in the coworking spaces. The results have been emphasized by many studies, so you may certainly try this out with a like-minded peer in your coworking space which would help you in curbing your workaholic tendencies.
  • Ensuring to leave the office on-time – This is one thing that you should adhere to unless and until there is an emergency. There are a lot of times when there are strict deadlines and there is no option other than dedicating extra hours to complete the work. Even in such cases, you should try to come to the office a little early the next day and spend extra hours rather than staying back in the office late in the evening.

One prime reason why most of us end up being unhappy and not able to enjoy our leisure hours is that we are unable to learn the hacks of time management. In case you are leaving office late every day, then you are missing out on spending valuable time with your family and friends. Thus, this is imperative to adhere to a specific schedule and allow yourself more and more hours outside the office for you to flourish.

For all those fellow workaholics out there, once you read this blog try starting your journey towards mastering a perfect work week. In case you realize that you require a little push for infusing some traction in your initiative, you can always come back to this blog. This is to keep in mind that you deserve to live long & prosper by making larger differences in society. Treat yourself as a parent in those flight safety videos where you’re instructed to have oxygen before you help your child. This is the reality that you cannot help anyone if you are suffocating. Lead a work-life balanced healthy life to live longer and achieve more. Cheers!