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The Indian corporate scene is witnessing some fascinating transformations and amalgamations with respect to office spaces and work culture lately. Coworking spaces aren’t a new functionality taking over the corporate sector, but the collective realization over the prospects and utilities such spaces bring forth is subverting the prime of conventional office spaces in current times. By 2022, coworking spaces, all around the world, will be used by more than 1.08 million people.

Conventional office spaces typically consist of separate and differentiated workspaces. With ever-evolving business practices and intertwined product-people-price aesthetics, a traditional office space suffers from certain rigidities:

  • Often, the workstations are isolated and sorted in a particular hierarchical order, creating a sense of inequality.
  • Physical spaces like cramped cubicles work against the productivity and efficiency of the workforce, who may feel stressed and lonely.
  • Constricted and limited office space tends to stagnate growth and scalability.
  • Huge costs are involved in owning a space and maintaining it.
  • A conventional work culture mars informal communication or exchange of ideas.

The millennials and Gen Z are redefining business norms – they are freelancers, entrepreneurs of startups and small scale firms, work-from-home employees, and operating from multiple locations at a particular point in time. As such, the physical confines of a conventional workspace can choke their flexibility. Innovative coworking spaces like iKeva overcome traditional barriers to provide organizations with flexible and open workspaces, opening a host of opportunities en route. What makes iKeva a revolution over the conventional and a futuristic concept ready to take over the Indian business case, let’s have a look:

A People-centric Approach

Organizations are becoming increasingly people-centric, with the HR function becoming a prime mover towards success in business endeavors. To cater to the psyches and personalities of different employees, teams, and freelancers, iKeva focuses on ensuring that people feel at home and relaxed. The fully-equipped workspaces, along with a thriving community with active engagement, ensure a sense of belongingness. A major chunk of our lives goes into our job, and the place from where we operate, work, or function. It holds equal, if not more, important than our homes.

Innovative infrastructure

The scope of such workspaces is huge and multidimensional. Besides providing a place where one can independently work and collaborate, it removes flexible workers from the solitude of their homes into a warm and secure environment with a host of other amenities like a cafeteria, a breakout area, etc. A coworking space usually accommodates various kinds of furniture and fixtures to work.

  • One can have individual worktables, team offices, virtual offices, and meeting rooms.
  • Professionally managed and fully equipped plug-and-play private or co-work spaces or conference rooms or virtual offices are offered as essentials.
  • All of this, at some of the prime locations in business hubs like Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad

Offices housed in prime locations and equipped with a professional work environment assist in boosting the brand image. A sense of loyalty and affinity prevail among the employees, assuring greater job satisfaction. Such coworking spaces are becoming popular as an extended office address for industry bigwigs who have a far and wide clientele base.

Cross-Pollination and Networking

A coworking location is a vibrant and diverse space thronging with a multitude of ideas and buzzing minds. Spaces like these can be a hot-bed for innovation and developments. Startups, investors, bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, and many other professions working under a single roof is a novel paradigm in itself. The demarcations of hierarchy obliterated, professionals and employees are liberated to explore their potential. The interaction and communication provide cross-pollination of thoughts and views which can be valuable for any humble or huge organization.

Many of the businesses and freelancers forge new business and personal relationships being a part of iKeva’s unbeatable community, further expanding their business networks. This synergized algorithm of community dynamics can be substantiated by a coworking space alone.

Flexibility and Scalability

A business venture in the initial stages has humble beginnings and can seldom forecast its future requirements. Location and accessibility hold prime importance in the success of an enterprise. It is almost impossible for a freelancer or startup to set up an office in such a location. Administration and management eat up time schedules, as such these coworking spaces become impertinent in terms of the flexibility and utility they offer. The firms and individuals can enter into rental agreements as per their own convenience and scale it accordingly as per the organizational growth. Individual employees enjoy the malleability of flexible working hours and rosters.

Such flexible packages at affordable costs don’t feel heavy on the pockets of firms and entrepreneurs. Instead of trying to squeeze more in a constricted conventional space, they can opt for just by signing an agreement in a quick time.

Membership perks

Besides handling the budgetary confines and dealing with space wobbles, iKeva delivers several other benefits for its members. It comes up with exciting offers and plenty of benefits for the organizations and individuals who are its members. Firms get access to a close-knit network of service providers and iKeva’s tie-ups with a number of major brands and companies, like Suzuki, Philips, Gramener, Techgraph among others, ensure the community is buzzing with people who are all for growth and progress.

The current times are evoking practices of unlearning and relearning among the big corporations who are unlearning the inhibitions of the conventional mode of working and relearning the sheer simplicity and scale of coworking spaces. iKeva centers its functionalities around an ecosystem of people, teams, and firms that self-sustain and coexist together. The diverse and high-energy community in its workspaces is sure to help businesses network and build their professional relationships and clientele base sans any administrative hassles and cost constraints. Coworking spaces like iKeva are the conventions of tomorrow.

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