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Are Coworking Spaces The New Networking Clubs

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There’s no debating that coworking spaces have revolutionized the way offices function. The concept has taken the traditional office paradigm by storm and delivered a thriving market for both customers and service providers. Its success, by far, can be attributed to the way coworking spaces like iKeva operate. User-oriented and fully empathetic to the expectations one has from an office space, the sudden rise in their demand around the globe is one of the modern sectoral success stories of our times.

Coworking spaces have already proved their salt by being a cost-friendly option compared to setting up and operating out of a brick and mortar space. Customizable packages, like the ones iKeva offers, are a key factor driving this success. But there’s more than meets the eye here. The networking potential these spaces deliver is perhaps of equally high value to customers. Many consider them the new networking clubs of our times. Let’s take a deeper dive.

First off, to the uninitiated – a primer on networking clubs.

Networking clubs are, of course, groups (or places) where professionals come together and interact. They offer their members opportunities to expand their circle and acquaint themselves with teams, both inside and outside of their fields.

Shared offices of today offer a similar platform for organizations and individuals. Going by a recent survey from Entrepreneur, a large number of people advocate joining a coworking space because it has helped them gain much sought after exposure. Along with providing their own workstations, coworking spaces introduce their members to many others who could make their vision a reality.

Presence of the Big Leagues

Why are Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and other market leaders going for coworking spaces? These organizations understand the potential coworking spaces hold in terms of human excellence, and their potential to work as networking hubs where they can get a chance to acquaint themselves with the best talent available. They’re well aware that this potential has made shared offices their abode and are therefore using coworking as networking clubs. Even in India, many big companies have started out of coworking spaces in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities.

Breeding Grounds for Ideas

Coworking spaces don’t just house professionals. They also breed ideas. And the pace of execution for ideas is proportional to how fast we can get people on-board with the ability to make them happen. Of course, this is dependent on networks to a large extent. Shared offices come to our service here, with a passionate community of people ready to share knowledge and trade ideas.

Shared Offices are incubation platforms for breeding gainful networks

Revolutionizing hiring process

As is obvious, professionals rely on networking clubs to connect with as many opportunities as they can. On the other hand, potential employers scout for fresh talent in similar arenas to enhance their workforce quality. As coworking spaces mushroom all over cities, these opportunities are now manifesting themselves in such spaces. This added advantage of revolutionizing hiring is a big draw to both organizations and professionals. With potential employers and potential recruits now in the same coworking pool, hiring is easier than ever before.

Coworking Spaces and Networking Clubs

Coworking spaces empower individuals to connect to other individuals or groups for mutual collaboration and benefits. As they continue to attract more adoption, this has subsequently led to an accumulation of the best talent and opportunities in the market all working in proximity. As a result, we’re seeing a significant evolution in the nature of networking itself. Skip scouting for the best networking club in your city, get a subscription of the best coworking space in your city.

At iKeva, these ideas are close to our hearts. Which is why our spaces are centred around communities and networks. We aspire to provide our members with an industry-leading professional work environment with the power of communities. With 11 centers, based in all major cities in India, we’ve been a pioneer in bringing the power of coworking and networking to our customers. Flexible packages that are pocket friendly and an in-house staff that is always there for your support are some of the other tenets of our services.


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