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Virtual Offices – A Guide For First Timers

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Before you make the choice of choosing the right workspace for your start-up, it is essential to identify the type of environment your work and employees may require. If your business doesn’t require a full-fledged office space and your capital expenses do not allow owning or leasing of office space, a virtual office might just be what you are looking for.

The cost of operating a virtual office is significantly lower when compared to a traditional office. The business owners pay a contract fee for a range of services which may be offered à la carte, or as a membership package

A virtual office is not just limited to a mailing address, the businesses are offered a variety of great and flexible services for its budget and ever-growing needs. Here are a few key advantages to keep in mind while you explore the option of a virtual office:

Tailor-made services

The virtual office is a meaningful amalgamation of multiple services and is the perfect option for small businesses and startups that have a few members, to begin with. Most virtual offices provide a range of benefits on an as-needed basis format. Some co-working spaces like iKeva also conduct workshops and events that are free for their associate virtual offices and a great opportunity for networking. iKeva also offers business and statutory registration support to its patrons and multi-location access giving a pan-India presence to growing companies.

The remote worker

Remote working as a trend is increasingly picking up, and a virtual office, Bangalore supports just that. With the development of communication tools like videoconferencing and team messaging, it has become much easier to manage a team through digital platforms. This means that employees are free to work from the comfort of their homes, cutting down on the usually inconvenient commute to work. The employee has the freedom to work from a satellite office, home office, a remote location or even on-the-go on a mobile phone. This could also see a spike in productivity as work is stationed from a convenient location and the scope for hiring top talent is not dependent locally.

Office space and private areas for meetings

When you do have a meeting or a requirement of physically working with your team for a few hours, it’s important to keep the professional space in mind while choosing the office. For a meeting with a potential client, a professional area could help with those extra brownie points. iKeva provides businesses with a complimentary number of hours for access to its office space, the number of hours varying with the packages.

10 Ways How Virtual Offices Enhance Your Business

Prime location

One of the major advantages of getting a virtual office is the choice of a business address in a prime location. As virtual offices don’t cost much, it is easier on the pockets to get an office address at a prime location or with professional infrastructure.

Professional receptionist

Businesses know too well the significance of a first impression. A well-spoken and professional receptionist for when your virtual office needs your physical presence is therefore essential. Most of the virtual administration work such as handling calls or receiving somebody coming in for a meeting is undertaken by the trained receptionist or the secretarial support staff of the office. So, when you zero in on your choice of a virtual office, it is certainly helpful to keep an eye for eloquent staff who can handle the secretarial jobs professionally.

Mail and courier:

Getting mail sent to an office address? A virtual office can have all the contents of your post scanned and sent via email. iKeva also provides mail handling and courier management for the business that can be physically handed over when you visit the workspace.

A virtual office takes care of most administrative tasks a business may require, so it isn’t surprising to see why it is gaining much popularity in the start-up world. If your requirements match with this kind of set-up, consider a virtual office for your start-up. A brand like iKeva, perhaps.