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Humans of iKeva – Tapan Sahoo

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When life knocks you down, you have two choices- stay down or get up. Ones who are ready to face the struggle, accept these challenges and carve a niche for themselves in their respective fields.

Today we are talking about one such individual who faced many challenges in his life and succeeded at overcoming them with sheer positivity and hard work. Tapan Sahoo is the head of Saigal Sea Trade, a supply chain logistics solutions company in India. Patience, positivity and being down to earth is the motto he lives by and it has helped him succeed remarkably. He is a member at iKeva, Banjara Hills.

Tapan Sahoo hails from Paradhi, a small port town in Orissa. He pursued his MBA from Indian Maritime University. When he entered the logistics industry, he was unsure and doubtful about the industry but after seeing the scope for development, he began to appreciate and grew confident about his profession.

When asked about his interests in the current industry, he shares, Saigal Sea Trade is setting milestones by increasing customer satisfaction and exporting 70-80% of goods to other countries by their dry cargos. The company is currently contributing to world trade by exporting thermal plants, steel, etc which are major sources of consumption patterns for the organization.

He moved to Hyderabad 8 years ago and has been serving in this industry for the last 7 years. So, what was the reason that made him leave his family and his native place? When he decided to take up logistics in his post-graduation, he decided to move to South India. He joined Indian Maritime University, Chennai campus, a renowned university for marine engineering in India. Unlike many others who choose the conventional and safe fields, he took the road less traveled and decided to be in the logistics industry. His parents were very supportive of his decisions throughout his career. He has worked in major seaports like Calcutta and Mumbai.

As a young boy, he was mesmerized looking at the big cargos in his town. This acted as an inspiration for him to explore the field further. Tapan believes that export as a business will always grow because the government is directly involved and will always try to increase the export limits, thereby, generating the company’s economy.

Since his job requires him to travel a lot, exploring new places has become a hobby. He also likes to read fiction novels. He is tech-savvy and likes to keep himself updated with the latest tech buzz. His mantra for a successful personal and professional life is to stay positive at all times and learn from every step. “Accepting criticism in a positive manner should also be a part of growing up”, he says “which can help a person to build strong basics and foundation in order to move ahead in life”.

On his experience with iKeva, Tapan mentioned that his office location was quite far from home and he wanted to choose a bigger office that was closer to all the prime locations in the city. It was the entire management that decided to move to a bigger, better and decent office space with all the standardized facilities that helped his business thrive and stay connected at all times.