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Virtual Office: Space-ideal solution for Start-ups

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A freelancer or small enterprises can transform their garage or cellar into an office. However, if you find it essential to form the foundation of a professional appearance for customers, and a traditional workspace is not an ideal choice, iKeva’s virtual office in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai is “the option” that you would want to explore.

What is a virtual office?

A Virtual office is ideal for startups, remote workers, International travelers and even for large scale companies attempting to stabilize their presence in a new business niche. It is a more professional version as it sets a standard and helps maintain an identity for a startup. It also provides access to desk spaces, meeting rooms and technology that a startup needs to prosper, all at an affordable cost.

It is an alternative to a physical office for which you have an endless list of expenditure like rent, buying pieces of furniture, paying bills, electronics, hiring a receptionist, and so on.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Office?

  • A virtual office is economically friendly for a business that has just started. Business Wire details that companies spend around 15% of their money on office rent and it can even range up to 46℅. This vastly affects the budget that you need for your business to prosper. Therefore, it becomes vital to cut down on costs for various rents and office set-up costs which can only be possible with a Virtual Office.
  • Depending on the package you choose, you will get access to updated technology to work with, mailroom and concierge services, VoIP and even physical space to work from and hold meetings in.
  • Virtual offices allow you to enter new geographies and test out new markets before making any substantial investment in terms of office rent, utilities, and other associated services.
  • A Virtual office makes it possible to work from anywhere at any time; even while travelling, or from a café and still maintain a professional image for your business.
  • A virtual office allows a higher number of employees to work as it is not restricted to office space or location. You can hire employees whenever you require without any hassle or worry.
  • Virtual offices make it possible to scale up and down your resources without encountering any challenges or a sudden increase in operating expenses and help grow your business consistently.

Features and perks to enjoy with a Virtual Office setup

Did you know that there are enterprises who deal with a large number of clients all over the world providing sanitized and healthy work environments as Virtual offices like iKeva?

You can expect virtual office services from iKeva such as a professional mailing address which does not require a lease obligation. You can also experience the essential feel of a physical office though you do not in reality, along with a physical address for correspondence.

Avail a professional virtual environment today with packages that provide services like a phone number, fax service, voicemail boxes, and even a virtual voice to handle calls without the need for a receptionist. Your business can have the benefit of virtual offices like diminished human intervention and reduced cost.