What else should a co-working space have?

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Garage Incorporated (Inc.)
What began from a garage has grown to become one of the world’s best companies. Sounds familiar? Google, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and Amazon are some of the companies that have had their humble beginnings from a garage. Every entrepreneur’s journey begins with an idea and progresses into working on building a tool/platform to support the idea, a prototype, and slowly furthering ahead before arriving on the big platform.

The best part, for these companies, is they have no idea of what and how things would turn out to be and what the future has for them in the offing. A garage or basement is indeed the first workplace before hitting the road.

First Professional Office
Once things have fallen into right places, a coworking space is a right option, considering the shoe string budgets one has to manage. Considered as a nerve center for early startups and entrepreneurs, the concept of shared office space introduces the luxury of a professional setup at affordable costs. Be it setting up a meeting with potential investors and clients or catching up with the peer community, a coworking office space proves to be a flexible office space solution, with dedicated meeting rooms, round the clock access, seamless internet connectivity, open cafeteria and a horde of other features benefiting budding entrepreneurs.

During early years, Whatsapp, the world’s leading IM platform, was housed in a shared coworking space. Jan Koum and Brian Acton, co-founders of the now Facebook-acquired-$19B-company chose a flexible office space solution in one of Valley’s co-working facilities. This allowed them to save on operational costs which otherwise would’ve siphoned off the working capital they had earmarked during formative years.

By opting to work from co-working facilities, one allows himself to be surrounded by like-minded people who are there for the very reason – to succeed. The no non-sense ambience brings in a lot of positivity, combining important factors such as progressive attitude, agility and networking. Beyond anything, it’s the bunch of good folks behind the scenes who make it happen for these professionals. iKeva’s coworking office space values an entrepreneur’s dream to succeed and helps them realize their potential in an office space which one may call his/her own. The startup office space solutions further reach out to entrepreneurs by making range of benefits and value added services available. Thus, ensuring a hassle-free and more focused ‘work’ time. Also, what makes it even more interesting is, at iKeva, one can have their office set up and running within an hour’s time. Yes, at iKeva, you can get started in a flash.

What’s beyond?
An office space within no time: What makes iKeva more special is that, here, one can have their office set up and running within an hour’s time or even less with all co-working facilities instantly enabled. Yes, getting started in a flash is now possible at iKeva.

Co work space for all: Working alone? Want to bring in your team? iKeva provides flexible office space for you and your team. While the meeting rooms here guarantee you of a productive brainstorming session, you can also get your hourly fix of caffeine from the all-access cafeteria.

Build relationships: While at iKeva, you will meet a bunch of professionals, who, just like you, are here to work on their business ideas. Take advantage of the co-working facilities to interact, network and build relationships with people. And who knows, you may just find your potential investor or a coding wizard for your tech startup there.

Your next idea, here: Good things can happen anytime and anywhere. iKeva could be your platform to exchange thoughts and build a new business idea with a bunch of passionate people you’d be meeting day in and day out.

Reinventing communities, recreating attitudes: More than just an office space, iKeva is a unique community that brings together these entrepreneurs. The passionate people who share office space at iKeva are surrounded by an air of positive energy, which infuses a sense of optimism in what they’re trying to do. It’s the attitude to succeed which matters the most and iKeva is the right place for it.

iKeva co-working spaces are designed to provide the maximum benefit to organizations. The arrangement is apt for conducting regular business with cost optimization and without compromising on quality. Ensuring a business environment that is suitable for a business, these co-working offices are professionally managed. The comprehensive range of services provided by iKeva, can not only be customized as per your business, but also ensures that you get value for money.