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Designing a fun arena for a productive workforce to reckon with…

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” in today’s extremely competitive world with rather challenging lifestyles, it’s not easy to swoop into that dream job of yours. Many are working towards it, or some maybe actually doing it! Majority of career aspirants find imperfections in their job. These imperfections start pecking the spirit, incentivizing to retreat from a job. Here the employer’s job gets tougher, not just to offer a comfortable workplace, but a place that will add a zest for accomplishing your career goal!!

A startup office needs to plan its space from the perspective of the employees; after all it is they who will be spending long hours in there. Does the workplace match the productivity and culture you are envisioning for your employees? Does it please them enough?

These days upcoming startup offices, and the old ones catching up with renovations, are all decked up cool, modern, hip and happening with ping-pong tables, kitchens, game time TVs, and so forth. But the ultimate question is; are these frills what it takes to get an overall spike in office productivity and culture?

1. Where are you on the GPS?

Today’s working lifestyle is moving from the ‘9 to 5 cubicle stuck’, to a ‘laptop glued week’ to a more ‘periodical rejuvenation trend’. Office parties, team lunches to client meetings at more informal places is what the work culture is all about. With changing work culture, your office location is the first major pointer you need to nail. It is essential that the office be located close to good restaurants and bars. After work, grabbing a beer with colleagues, who have evolved into friends, is important to develop strong and comfortable work relationships.

Another imperative factor is to keep it easy for an employee’s commute. A flexible office space cuts down commute time that depletes half the energy before one even gets to work. It is crucial that Startup office spaces be established at convenient locations for customers and clients too, a key factor for company growth.

2. It’s not just a set of cubicles.

Ever seen an employee put a glum face on being offered to work from home? Never!… Wondered why? The word you are looking for is “cozy”; a workspace needs to sync the warmth of home with professionalism. Whether it’s an advertising agency or a financial firm, everyone hits the creative bend once in a while. The key is to strike the right balance in collaborating socially creative corners, peaceful small group cabanas for strategy developments, and statement conference spaces for client meetings.

Global expansion is a top priority for businesses today, and time a major binding factor for growth in our competitive world. Topping it all, a startup office needs to be on its toes to grab opportunities. Just as imperative you consider a candidate’s communication skills during an interview; your startup office space should be equipped with the latest communication technologies for future growth. Client interactions from on site/off site locations need high-quality video conferencing rooms. Technology also helps employees get agile in realizing progress and efficiency.

3. De-stress and get Creative

Sometimes ideas don’t strike no matter how hard or how many hours one dedicates to a task. It’s when we take a break, or when we are most relaxed the magic happens. All those business gurus advice us to have a little book by our bedside table, they say life changing ideas strike usually at 3.00 a.m., that is when our mind is taking a break from this worldly madness!

Startup office spaces need to design casual meet up areas that will bring together different teams to interact in a common space like coffee bars. Ping-pong tables, magazines, bean bags, table football are a few of the things startup office spaces can use.

Another perk is to let employees personalize their space, giving them a sense of belonging to the company as being a part of it, and not just working for it.

Music is a sworn therapy for an instant mood lifter. Coffee shops are increasingly becoming a second work from home option for employees; it’s the background music that’s swinging the brain’s work clutters to productivity.

4. Good Food, Good Work!

One more super indispensable pointer you can pick up from coffee shops are, indubitably, excellent coffee machines!

Companies need to keep in mind that their employees work really hard to get those numbers going higher, and in the process of extra hours and hectic schedules they have major energy drains. Food the brain, and so it’s vital to stock up on healthy options like granola bars, juices, energy drinks, and some delicious snacks too!

It is common for teams to celebrate when they meet deadlines, and also when they receive little notes of appreciation from team leads or clients. What other easier way to have a good time than over some great food.

5. Share and Build

Startup implies smart decisions; you don’t have to jump right away into a large investment. The smart way is to take it step by step, and build the business as you learn through experience.

Large office spaces in this market of high real estate and rental space prices, spills over the marked budgets. Look at the brighter side, shared office spaces can be useful to build that social and clientele network your business needs. And, shared office spaces is an option that is proving to cost-effective for early entrepreneurs and others in the business world.

Imagine landing in a workspace that brings a part of your home, and simultaneously packs up an environment that drives the Jack in you, to be the master of maybe not all trades but your dream job. Now step back as a head honcho of your startup, provide an environment that will change the whole norm of boring working systems and bring in enthusiasm and eagerness for your employees to land in time.

Happy Employees – Happy Boss – Happy Office – Happy Clients

And your company will no more be just another start up! So are you ready to plan and design a cool office space that shall be the talk of the town.

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