How Co-working Helps Reducing your Work Hours!

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Is your job really a 9 to 5 one or does it go beyond? Is work-life balance your top-most priority? The truth is that most of us work 50 to 60 hours in a week instead of the standard 40 hours. Instead of our work being a part of our life, it has become our life. This is where coworking can come to your rescue.

Here’s how coworking can help in reducing your work hours:

  • Less travel, less traffic, less time wasted:
    When working in a conventional office set up, you have to commute to where your company is located even if it means traveling for 4 hours to and fro, in thick traffic. With coworking, you can choose your office location as per your convenience and effectively save on your commuting time. You just need to go to the coworking office that’s nearest to your home. This also reduces the stress caused due to traffic and in turn, helps you perform better and faster.
  • Less disturbance; more efficiency
    In a conventional office, work speed reduces as your work-flow is constantly disrupted when your colleagues come over to your desk to chat-up, your team calls for brainstorming sessions and your boss calls for meetings. With coworking, you not only avoid these distractions but also get to complete your work faster.
  • Learn the nuances; speed up your work
    When you co-work you get to interact with many professionals both from and outside your work field who can teach a trick or two about software, shortcuts, etc. These tips can be really helpful to increase your work efficiency and save your time. Since the people at coworking spaces are not your conventional office colleagues – your potential rivals for promotions and pay hikes –they are not reluctant to share their knowledge with you.
  • Fewer tensions; better work efficiency
    When you are bound to the 9 to 5+ regime you often don’t get enough time for your personal responsibilities – taking your parents for regular medical check-ups, spending time with your kids, paying the bills, attending to that leaking tap at home, etc. As these tasks pile up so does your tension and anxiety. This reduces your productivity and you take more time to complete your projects which may not be up to the mark. With coworking, you can achieve a perfect work-life balance. Since coworking doesn’t demand you to reach office at a fixed time daily, you can wind up your housework and then head to your coworking office, whenever you want with a relaxed and focused mind.

Coworking also allows you the freedom to take frequent breaks from your work as and when you want. These breaks not only boost your health but also your work pace. Take charge of your work right now with coworking. To know the nearest coworking space to your home click here

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