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How Do Small Medium Enterprises and Startups maintain Flexibility with the Help of Serviced office

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Startups are geared up with the passion to achieve their goals and to make a place in the competitive world but on a shoestring budget. The startups and SMEs have a strong need to establish their position before going for funding or expansion. These are the challenging times when they do not want to be bogged down with additional expenses. The shared office space reduces their operational costs for running their office. 

Every startup and small-medium enterprises have their criterion and work culture. The coworking space provides the space for working professionals to carry on their work without any hitches of internet facility, power supply, or infrastructure. But some of the personnel in the startup and small-medium enterprises might feel the need to have a personal office. To cater to these needs, coworking spaces have an option of service offices. The personnel can take the serviced offices for their work purposes. Serviced offices are a part of the coworking space but have privacy to carry on their work.

How Serviced offices operate?

Serviced offices provide the cabin for the personnel on availing the option available at the office for rent. The working professionals can conduct their work in privacy. This would be ideal for people taking calls throughout the day and would like to be disturbed by outside noise. This also will suit the requirements of people who will be conducting meetings with their vendors or clients and would not like distractions of any kind.

Serviced office structure

Basic facilities of the office of rent will be available for personnel taking up serviced offices. To get a better idea, one can choose to visit the coworking space and check-in person about the structure and its availability. At the same time, they can enquire about the pricing options available for memberships for various durations. The information of the pricing options, serviced office mumbai area, and facilities will give a fair idea on how it would suit one’s requirements.

Flexibility for the time duration 

Entrepreneurs who are cost-conscious operating on a tight budget find furnished office space attractive. The plug and play office provides all the privileges of the office for its personnel based on the facilities and the number of hours they use. Working professionals can take up the serviced office for a duration of 5 hours for 3 days in a week or every alternate day or all through the month. The coworking spaces are flexible and provide pricing options for their members based on their usage. Regular members will get additional facilities and offer coworking spaces running during the year. 

Serviced offices available in different sizes

The team offices are available to working professionals of various sizes. From private cabin space, office space to occupy 2 to 10 people, or from 11-30, much bigger teams of 30-50, or more than 50 people. Based on the requirement the working professionals can decide on the size of the serviced office. If the need is for the individual cabin, they can opt for the private cabin space. If the requirement is for a team meeting without hassles, then based on the number, they can decide on the size of the serviced office. The serviced offices can be taken for the number of hours based on the need. This can be decided monthly or taken based on requirement and availability. 

How iKeva facilitates professionals in need of serviced offices?

Serviced offices in iKeva workspace are designed for single occupancy to multiple as they follow the philosophy of ‘pay as you grow. iKeva believes strongly in the philosophy of growing together with facilities available 24/7 for 365 days a year. iKeva is a perfect blend of business center professionalism and positive vibes of the coworking space. 

Serviced offices will have full-fledged access to professionally managed reception with a virtual assistant, phone, fax, and printer, and pantry facility. The plug and play office will have 24/7 power backup, internet facilities, security, and high-end audio and video facilities. The rental agreements are transparent with clauses that are easy to downgrade and upgrade as the need changes with time. The members of iKeva can avail the facilities in any of the three metros Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Serviced offices in iKeva can be availed by a diverse community with varied membership benefits. iKeva has a variety of pricing options and membership plans to choose from. Call iKeva to check out the available options to choose from. Choose iKeva that is the ideal work environment to grow and make a name in the market.