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How did Virtual office space benefit the Clients to Control the work Balance during the Covid

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The pandemic has hit mankind unceremoniously, none around the world were prepared to take this head-on. All our progress in the research of viruses, medical sciences, and technical infrastructure was not enough to counter covid-19. Humankind was so taken aback by the spread and its repercussions everything came to a stand-still. Fear gripped us and there was hardly any movement of business transactions. The condition was life-threatening for small organizations and startups who had taken up office spaces on rent. Let’s take a look at how virtual offices proved to be beneficial to have a work balance during the pandemic.

Set-up cost is Zero

Startups and small organizations had to pay hefty rents to hired office spaces while working from home during a pandemic. This was proving to be quite expensive during April and May in 2019. The virtual office option available at coworking space was a feasible and economical option that most of them opted for during the pandemic.

The virtual office privilege at coworking spaces provides the business address for entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations without charges. They can go to the virtual office Bangalore for business address registration as well. This option lets them vacate their existing premises of office space and save on rent. This was a huge relief for them as it relieved them of the rental payment every month and planned cautiously during a pandemic.

Get the centralized location business address

The address at the known location without rent, electricity, and insurance is a boost to the organizations just trying to set their business. The virtual office  address is used for communications with government, clients, and vendors. Though safety rules our day and work from home are the option to follow, there are times when the need arises to meet teams. The coworking spaces providing the virtual offices also provide meeting rooms for team meetings. The charges will be for the privileges used and for the time duration for usage. Professionals using the premises get an opportunity to conduct the meetings in professional setups that are sanitized regularly to keep the environment and people safe during the pandemic.

Assistance by a virtual assistant

While you can use the address for correspondence, there is a virtual assistant available to handle phone calls and emails for you. The professionally trained assistant can handle the business and efficiently enhance your brand image. Again, this is a flexible opportunity available for assistance when required. The charges are again as per the usage. 

Conference and meeting rooms

Based on the requirement, professionals can book the conference and meeting rooms for team meetings. This opportunity is available for professionals for the numbers as required. If the team size is just 10, they can rent the meeting room for 10 people for a duration of 4 to 6 hours or a whole day as required. If the team size is 20, 30, or more they can rent the meeting space to suit their needs. Additionally, they can take advantage of the café facilities, projectors, uninterrupted wi-fi, and cloud storage facilities available at the premises.

Pandemic has given a boost for remote working

Though initially, people all over the world were clueless, slowly we have adapted to work around safely. The Internet and technology have helped us to conduct our business and grow as well. Governments are giving a push to continue remote working in the current situation. This push by the government is encouraging the startups, and small organizations to explore possibilities to work and grow in their respective places remotely and using the coworking spaces as and when required.

Virtual offices and remote working are beneficial for team members and lead them to be accountable to themselves. Managers are no longer looking overhead to oversee their work. The work culture has changed but work has not stopped. This is so far the good news for the working class. As long as the work gets done, the revenue is generated successfully. 

During these stressful times of pandemic virtual offices have proven to be a lifesaver for budding entrepreneurs, startups, and small organizations. The covid has taught us to value each other’s safety and also to explore strategies to work around them. The IT sector is growing and making profits too. The technological advancements in the case of remote working are embraced wholeheartedly and are an accepted norm today. 

Virtual offices at iKeva

iKeva provides virtual offices at its business centers in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. The members of the coworking space can utilize the address for their business communication, and all the other facilities as well. iKeva has varied pricing options available. The good news is that the members can use the facilities in any of the workspaces in three metros. Call iKeva for more details.