Importance of customization of space in shared workplaces

Importance of customization of space in shared workplaces

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The greatest challenge of a coworking space is to create such an aura that a coworker, at any point in time, must not have a feeling that he is at a private office. At times, when people hear the name coworking, they are taken aback by the idea of working in a shared and inflexible workplace. A major reason why many shared workplaces fail to attract and retain client loyalty is their reluctance to alter their spaces to match the needs and desires of the members. Customization at plug and play offices not only contributes to the ambience and aesthetics but also adds to functionality and comfort. 

Why customization of workspaces is important

When plug and play offices refuse to give employees the liberty to customize their own desks and offices, it fosters negativity and breeds dissatisfaction. To boost the morale of the employees and to engage them more enthusiastically at work, they should be given the autonomy to have a say in the utilisation of space. 

Customisation of space in shared offices involves two different viewpoints, namely

  • One includes the customisation of a physical space according to the client. Every organisation has its brand values, theme, vision and mission, and wishes to create an atmosphere that motivates its employees to achieve organisational goals. For instance, you can have the furniture in your brand colours or your vision statement on a wall.
  • The second viewpoint is about freelancers and solopreneurs who also contribute a major share of the coworking clientele. Customization of coworking desks and space allotted to single individuals gives them more autonomy to shape their personal space. They might wish to put up pictures of their family, personal achievements or even religious leaders to keep them motivated. Although many coworking spaces in Mumbai disapprove of such things owing to distraction at work, it plays a major role in connecting people and their territory.

Three reasons why you should opt for customization of your coworking space

The importance of customization of space in coworking arenas can be summed up as follows:-

  • Importance to individuality:- Every institution has its own brand identity that speaks of something unique to its values and work ethics. Similarly, every professional has their own distinct individuality. Customisation serves the purpose of highlighting these differences and empowering them to embrace and use their uniqueness to create one’s demand. The idea behind a bespoke office space lies in the fact that it aims to curtail corporate blandness and attempts to avoid the view that human resources in an industry are equivalent to profit making machines fit to exploit without considering their personality. A fully managed and serviced coworking space can be customized according to the team members’ unique personalities and common goals. 
  • Improved wellbeing:- Being a big part of their lives, office spaces shape one’s perspective to a great extent. Stress related to work can be extremely harmful to one’s psychological and physical health. Some organisations are more dedicated to keeping their staff fit, so they insist on creating more walking spaces and less use of elevators. Other companies might be more directed towards competition, thought provocation and interactive mindset. So they might want to put up posters of riddles and a race chart to finish the assigned tasks. 
  • More meaning to professional life:- Work can be boring or can be fun. The basic difference between both is that; in the latter, work and life are connected through passion. When employees are given more autonomy to put up the pictures of their role models or family members or something or someone that pushes them, life at work becomes more vibrant and fun. Otherwise it becomes monotonous and coerced. 

In a nutshell 

Summing up, it can be said that customisation at shared workplaces has more to offer than just added ambience. It provides long lasting benefits to your clientele making you more approachable and efficient at work. We at iKeva are always forthcoming towards shaping your professional lives and provide customisation of offices at reasonable prices and exceptional services. Visit iKeva now, for a tailored office space suited to your needs.