5 Ways that Coworking Space Enhances Productivity

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Productivity is one of the most essential aspects that influence the growth of any organisation. It is difficult to attain as people may have their own ideas about what makes them productive. However, there is one common denominator. And it is, where and how you set up, and organise, your workforce’s environment. This does not just apply to the location, but the layout and quality of the equipment and furnishings you employ can also have an impact on productivity. Coworking or shared office space is one such place where everything is taken care of to boost productivity.

Coworking spaces are one of the best working environments and help in increasing productivity by 5X. Most employees say they do well in a coworking office when it comes to remaining on target and productivity is always a merit.

What Boosts Productivity at Coworking Space?

Check out these 5 ways that enhance productivity in the coworking space. Consider these points to help you in your quest for the best coworking space in Bangalore.

  1. Space planning

The methodical arrangement of furniture and office equipment in a practical, and highly efficient manner is referred to as space planning. Proper space layout improves productivity by developing a way to simultaneously save time and add comfort. A planned space has the potential motivation or energy to execute activities in comfort. A badly arranged workstation might have an adverse effect.

The size of the space is one of the most essential factors of space planning. Consider it from the perspective of a bird. It is most likely the simplest to create a blueprint. Finally, take into account the location and positioning of heating or air vents, as well as any obstacles that may stop you from putting furniture as intended.

Adequate space planning allows employees to easily complete any task assigned to them and increases productivity since it seeks to establish a way to be comfortable while working.

  1. Networking

When you work with other like-minded individuals, you may draw on their expertise anytime you feel stuck. They have their own professional abilities and skill sets. There will be enough individuals to consult within the co-working environment, where you won’t have to leave the workplace to seek expert guidance, empowerment, or inspiration. This reduces wastage of time and, ultimately, increases productivity. Coworking also entails mentoring and learning from your diversely competent co-workers.

  1. Maintains cleanliness and hygiene

Many individuals cannot imagine working in an environment that is littered with papers and waste. For one thing, messy and unhygienic surroundings make it difficult to accomplish productive work, are time-consuming and demotivating too. That is why there are several studies demonstrating that a clean atmosphere, such as coworking spaces, encourages productivity.

  1. Enhances work-life balance

If you work as a freelancer from home, you realise how tough it is to strike a decent work-life balance. Sometimes you want to focus on your work responsibilities, but your children or pets might demand your time. People who work in small cubicles are also more likely to engage in distracting work-life interactions. Particularly in working from home, because of loneliness and boredom, people find themselves thinking about the chores at home, thus impacting their productivity.

In a coworking office, you can easily opt for flexible work schedules that eventually help in achieving the much-needed work-life balance.

  1. Personalise your space

Personalising your workspace strengthens your emotional connection to your job, provided such personal touches do not result in cluttering your workspace. In serviced offices, you can have indoor plants, or a personal desktop calendar to keep you on track during the workweek. You may utilise your desk space according to your preferences provided it does not interfere with the guidelines or decorum of the office space. While on serviced offices, you may add your brand colors and logo the way you want to. You can be in a coworking office and yet retain your brand identity. This also adds to overall productivity.


To sum it all up, it is evident that a coworking office is ultimately a way to increase your productivity. iKeva is a workspace provider with community and member benefits that has serviced offices that suit your specific business needs. iKeva has presence across Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai and is a reliable and trusted name in the coworking office space arena, providing serviced offices, coworking spaces, virtual office and meeting rooms.