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Innovative Coworking Places Around The World

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We’re in the era of “The Great Resignation” around the globe; countless people are quitting their jobs. We have seen a rise in the number of new startups built recently during the pandemic and the number of freelancers. With this sense of entrepreneurship and independence, the demand for coworking space or a coworking centre is rising. 

A good coworking space essentially offers people a desk, chair, and fast internet connectivity, but the best-shared office space offers much more. Business centres are now getting creative and are evolving innovative architectural styles.

Here are 5 plug and play offices that are changing the game of coworking space:

  • Digital Garage Workspace, Japan

coworking space

Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya district is home to the serene workspace Digital Garage. According to its architects, the interior is a ’boutique office space for digital nomads’ created by Norwegian architecture studio Snøhetta.

In the interior, a massive Japanese cedar wood furniture piece dominates the space. It unites different areas, offering space for sitting, resting, and working, transforming from bench to table to partition to the bar counter. Designed lighting on the undulating dark ceiling creates the illusion of a starry night.

  • B64N Coworking Space, Australia

shared office space

This coworking space is quirkily located in an existing hangar shed at Melbourne Airport- a rapidly growing airport that is now proudly Melbourne’s second-largest business centre.

As a result of Kosloff Architecture’s renovation, the hangar’s 3000 sqm are now easily adaptable to function as meeting, working spaces and social spaces for users. Inside, a two-story structure complements the hangar’s industrial character without overshadowing it. 

  • Dojo Shared Office Space, Indonesia

work from vacation

One minute walking from Echo Beach, Dojo provides freelancers and young entrepreneurs with a flexible work-life balance workspace. While taking advantage of Bali’s tropical climate, those looking for a peaceful environment will enjoy this coworking space.

Several remote-worker services are offered by Dojo that attracts users worldwide. There are beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding this two-story building, and it has air-conditioned meeting rooms and open spaces and nooks for individual and team projects. 

Still, what do you think is another tempting addition? There is also a swimming pool.

  • The Department Store Studios’ Managed Office, London

shared office

This new addition to Brixton’s The Department Store is the brainchild of architect practise Squire & Partners, next door to its award-winning coworking centre. With The Studios, you can work and grow your business flexibly, in a hyperlocal way.

Additionally, the premises have a neighbourhood bar, restaurant, screening room, individual desks, and private studios. By incorporating sleek dark metal window frames, landscaped terraces and a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structural frame, the design builds on the existing Edwardian frame to create a contemporary look. The Department Store Studios provide individuals with an opportunity to work freely within a warm environment and a supportive community that encourages them to do more than just their jobs.

  • Hobo Hotel’s Workspace, Sweden

serviced office

The Hobo Hotel in Stockholm doesn’t market itself only as a hotel but as a new design hotel built for a new generation of working professionals and visitors. Hobo refers to an attentive, curious person who sees themselves as a citizen of the world, based on the travelling lifestyle of 1930’s America.

In a nutshell, Hobo is described as a “meeting place, an office, a place to visit, hang out, and of course, a place to stay.” Additionally, the hotel has an exhibition space (called SPACEby) where startups can showcase their products.

Summing up

These are just a few of the amazing, awe-inspiring coworking spaces around the world. Today, the coworking spaces in Hyderabad are better than ever before, and they’re innovative and uniquely use the existing space. Even for fully equipped serviced and managed office spaces, a lot of innovation and design and space changes are incorporated to make the experience of working a superlative one for the clientele.

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