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Humans of iKeva – Hanumanthu K

Humans of iKeva

The challenges that we face in life are lessons in disguise. Successful individuals accept these challenges, build on it and […]

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Humans of iKeva – Gautam Gadgil, Founder of Enrizon

Gautam Gadgil founder of Enrizon

The modern era calls for new, dedicated and determined entrepreneurs. And in the process, new age entrepreneurs have successfully created […]

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Humans Of iKeva: Abhinayaraj Raju

Abhimanyaraj Raju

Being dedicated to the work we do is great. However, if we’re too busy making a living and somehow missing […]

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Shaju Thomas

We often bring to you inspiring stories of our members or budding entrepreneurs, who in many ways have shared their […]

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Great Things Never Came from Comfort Zones – Jayanth Kolla | Convergence Catalyst

Jayanth Kolla

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? It requires a great concept, basic resources and a lot of courage. […]

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Humans of iKeva- Gurusamy Mani

Gurusamy Mani

Entrepreneurs are a tough group of people. They can witness many a tragedy and still come out fighting.In most cases, […]

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Humans of iKeva – Arpith Shah

Arpit Shah

Entrepreneurs are often regarded as ‘the lucky ones’. Although, not many understand that launching a new business takes vital skills […]

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In Conversation with Mr. Sandeep Sivaram

Sandeep Sivaram

This week, we got a chance to have a wonderful conversation with Mr. Sandeep Sivaram about his startup, some interesting […]

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Embrace Failures as Much as Success!

Nitin Choubey

Successful startup founders are often envied for leading an alluring, prodigious and heroic life. There’s something to all this. What […]

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Humans of iKeva – Prachi

Prachi Singhai

The day just went by like all the other days, struggling to get up from the bed, half asleep as […]

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