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Humans of iKeva – Hanumanthu K

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The challenges that we face in life are lessons in disguise. Successful individuals accept these challenges, build on it and carve a niche for themselves in their respective fields.

Today we are talking about one such individual who faced many challenges in his life and succeeded at overcoming them. Hanumanthu K has seen his fair share of struggles and believes that working under pressure brings out the best in anyone. Hanumanthu is a controller at SCA technologies, a food service consulting firm and a member of iKeva, Hyderabad. Honesty, dedication, and transparency is the motto he lives by and it has helped him succeed remarkably.

Hanumanthu is from Undekode village in Mahbubnagar District, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. He grew up in a large family. As a young boy, he would juggle between high school and his father’s oil vending business. At times, he felt sad watching the other boys at school have fun while he would head down to the shop. But this did not stop him from helping his family even though it cost him his grades. He remembers it with pride now.

So, what was the reason that made Hanumanthu leave his family and his village? He says that since his brothers had their own businesses, they missed a lot of family gatherings which made him more inclined towards getting a regular job instead of establishing his own business.

Hanumanthu moved to Hyderabad along with his father. He worked hard to clear the Chartered Accountant exam while doing his graduation at Agarwal Institute of Management & Technology. While studying in college, he started a small business which helped him manage his expenses, financially support his father, and buy a property.

After graduating, he joined an audit firm in Hyderabad, which helped him gain industry exposure. To further boost his career, he got an MBA from Pondicherry University. After he finished his MBA, Hanumanthu came back to the audit firm as a Chartered Accountant. His new role involved managing the accounts of small software companies.

In search of better opportunities, he left the audit firm to work for Motorola, which had opened its new operations centre in Hyderabad. Hanumanthu was in charge of 150 employees in the company. He oversaw all operations and dealt with the major stakeholders. Though he was rewarded for his role as an Interim Manager, he did not qualify for a full-time Manager position.

Since he could not qualify for a full-time manager position, Hanumanthu re-joined his audit firm. At the time, the IT industry was developing at a rapid pace in Hyderabad and Hanumanthu was the only person in his audit firm with any experience with software companies. This played to his advantage and he bagged prominent clients such as Oracle and Computer Associates in his portfolio.

In search of better pay, Hanumanthu decided to venture into the Software Industry by accepting the offer of a Gurugram based company known as SCA Technologies. He shifted his base and worked there for 12 years. Over time, the distance started to affect his family. He finally made a planned and conscious decision to relocate to Hyderabad in 2012.

In his free time, Hanumanthu likes to jog, play cricket and listen to music. He believes that exercise increases mental strength. It enables him to focus under pressure and helps him make important decisions for the company.

As a family, he and his wife have two children. His goal in life is to make his company financially beneficial for a merger. In doing so, he intends to take a break from work to explore his hobbies and spend time with his children. In the future, he plans to travel and complete his bucket list.

When asked for a piece of advice he would like to give to professionals, Hanumanthu said – “whatever you do in life, do it with utmost sincerity and transparency.”