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Tips for Members’ Engagement in a Business Centre

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There are several ways that can be adopted in order to keep the human resources engaged, happy and contented with their position as well as the work environment in a Business Centre. Apart from keeping the door open for the members to talk, they should ideally be engaged in a variety of ways. Here are some of the effective member/employee engagement tips which boost the business, productivity as well as branding of the business centre.

1. Monthly or weekly office lunches

The most effective tip which works in employee/member engagement is an office lunch. The business centre can arrange for a complimentary lunch for all members once in a while and this work wonders in facilitating employee engagement and networking. The number of members in the business centre is invariably big. So, a good idea is to split them into groups and the business centre can organize lunch for each group alternatively in order to make it manageable.

2. Celebrating birthdays, weddings & anniversaries

A great way to engage the members in a business centre is to make it a practice to organize a small party at the end of the day for the birthdays, anniversaries and weddings of the members. These are good enough reasons for getting together for snacks, cake and drinks. This eventually becomes a culture or tradition in the office and there are great opportunities for interacting in groups.

3. Celebrating festivals and holidays together

Some of the festivals and holidays can be celebrated together with all the business centre members for engaging them effectively. You can try introducing flag hoisting ceremony on Independence Day and Republic Day, distribution of sweet boxes on various religious occasions like Durga Puja, Vinayaka Chaturthi and Diwali. There can be a merry Christmas party during the Christmas.

4. Team-building outings and exercises

The business centres should organize corporate retreats and team outings in some resort or some exotic destination where certain team-building exercises can be practised. These activities are completely fun-filled as well as help in team building effectively.

5. Health camps, CSR and volunteerism

The business centres should be enthusiastic about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They should engage in charitable events like educational symposiums, blood donation campaigns and donation of left-over foods in order to avoid food wastage. The business centres’ can also organize medical camps for eye checkups and few health checkups. When the members participate together in such activities, there is more and more engagement and interaction which is really helpful in the long run.

6.Musical programs & group entertainment by employees

The business centres can organize group entertainment activities and musical programs where the members can participate and have fun together. This will strengthen their bonding big time. Rock bands and DJs can be invited on special occasions like New Year’s Eve or Diwali. This facilitates engagement amongst the members considerably.

7.Offering referral bonuses to the members

A scheme of referral bonuses should be introduced by every business centre in order to engage the existing members in spreading the word and endorsing the office space to their acquaintances. The referral bonus would help in motivating them in bringing more members to the workspace. So, this would certainly be a win-win situation for both the business centre as well as the existing members in the business centre.

The above pointers would certainly help in engaging the members in a business centre effectively and enhance their network in the long run.

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