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Just started working from a Coworking Space? These quick tips will help you

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Working from a coworking space is a different experience from a traditional office space. Now, coworking means sharing an office space for rent with someone who comes from a different industry or cultural background. Alternatively, you might be working alongside someone who shares your interests and profession.

There are many advantages to working from a coworking environment today, which is why many freelancers and businesses prefer a fully managed office rather than a traditional office. Whatever your motivation for selecting a coworking space in Bangalore, the following tips can help you enhance your productivity and have a seamless coworking experience.

Set your brand apart

Whether you are working out of a managed office or a private office in a  coworking space, you can easily retain your brand identity and privacy. You may convey your brand colors to the plug and play office provider beforehand. Additionally, you can get restricted access control 24×7 as well. If you are working at coworking desk space, you can have a more disciplined approach towards working, especially if you are working alongside others in the same space. Moreover, you can participate in networking events held at your workspace, on the behalf of your company. This way, you can carve your unique brand identity at the workspace.

Participate in your community

Many business centres host guest lectures, speaker sessions, events, workshops, seminars, and other gatherings that give the members a sense of community. Even if you are not the type who can strike up a conversation right away, it is always a good idea to participate and network in these events. It will be an excellent opportunity to broaden your business horizons, and there is always a possibility to meet someone who can benefit you and your organization. At iKeva, we regularly organize community events and speaker sessions as well. See more here.

Don’t be in a hurry to sell

While working from a coworking space has its advantages, it is essential to bear in mind the convenience of others. Whereas it is good to network, collaborate and mentor, one must realize that everybody works at their own pace. It is better to approach the other person if they are open to participating in any dialogue. Avoid starting a conversation where the other person solely responds to your presence, not your business ideas. While interacting and introducing yourself is necessary, refrain from overselling your services, especially when the other party is only interested in a light-hearted conversation.

Reach out to your Community Manager

Your community manager could be your best resource when you need someone the most. Be it expansion or infrastructure related needs or community related subjects. The more you can converse with the community manager, the better it is. Whether a person is looking for a specific service, the escalation matrix or concierge services, you can simply share your ideas about your professional needs.

Collaborate professionally

Helping and collaborating with coworkers is essential in an office space on rent setup. You may work alone or with a team, and the same can be true for someone else sharing the office space. Hence, it is better to regard each other’s needs.

Depending on the situation and need, this collaboration may be personal or professional. It is equally necessary to remain friendly yet courteous and cooperate with one another to nurture a good coworking environment.

Be courteous and professional.

Although everything is prepared according to your demands when renting a fully furnished office space for business purposes, ensure that your workplace is neat and clean. Do not be loud while talking to your team or on the phone. Do not leave food items on your desk. It is important to not bother anyone, be the other people working out of coworking space or even the administrative and housekeeping staff. Furthermore, being organized and disciplined at work increases not only your productivity but also creates a positive ambience.


Quick wrap up

Working in a coworking space might be challenging at first, especially if you have never worked out of a plug and play office before. So, it’s essential to be patient and make sure you approach things gradually and steadily with the help of the above-mentioned tips. Therefore, focus on participating and interacting with others to better know them and the workplace. This is where we, at iKeva, help you by providing you aesthetic and functional workspaces with community and member benefits.