All in a day’s work: A typical event-driven day at iKeva – 2

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At iKeva, we pride ourselves on being a vibrant, fun and creative community that reaches way beyond just our workspaces. While that’s important to us, what’s just as important is that people enjoy working in our office spaces. We like to keep things interesting, and bring the people in our offices together. It’s all part of what we do to make our offices creative, productive and social all at the same time! There are plenty of events happening across all our spaces in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, to make our offices a fun environment to work from. Here’s what we do to make our workspaces great places to have fun while you work.

The Know-How Sessions: There’s more to an office than just work or, in our case, work and play. Offices are places to learn, network and expand your skills. We give you the opportunity to do that and more! We hold plenty of inter-office meetings, seminars, knowledge-sharing sessions and plenty of guest speaker to keep you happy and up-to-date on anything you want to learn about, on a variety of topics!

The Office Get-Together: Office get-togethers are a staple in most every office and are something we thought was a great way to keep our offices buzzing with activity. We’ve added a little twist to it though. It’s not just people in our offices meeting to “hang out”. We come up with something new every single time! We held an office-wide dumb-charades competition just a few days ago in our Hyderabad office. There’s plenty of things we have planned for all our workspaces like office pot-lucks, food melas and, one of our more fun activities, the iKeva Beer Bash! Best of all, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The Discuss: There’s nothing like a group discussion or debate to get the creative juices flowing. Every new idea, and counter-idea just leads to the rise of more. Intellectual debates at iKeva are a common occurrence. We hold ‘Chat over Coffee’ sessions on a variety of topics, ranging from public occurrences, politics and business, to others like a discussion on intellectual property.

The Games We Play: A fun, creative and engaging workspace is never complete without a game or two. We’re not talking about a popular TV Series, but the real thing. There are plenty of games to go around at iKeva, ranging from the standard UNO Deck, to a rousing game of Monopoly. We’ve even got some more active games. We’ve got carom, cricket and other sports like Badminton and much more!

These are just a few of the events we hold to make the iKeva workspaces and community a vibrant, interesting, intellectual and above all, a fun place to work! So come on down to an iKeva Office, and experience the vibrancy for yourself!


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