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The Health Advice You’ve Been Looking For: The Nutritionist Session at iKeva

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Good Health is a major concern for all of us and, the last decade has seen a rapid rise in health consciousness. People everywhere, from workspaces to homes even have taken to heart the need to maintain their health. Proper exercise, the right diet and regular health check-ups are more important than ever in the minds of the health-conscious. Whether it’s yoga, callisthenics, dieting, supplements or intensive workouts like cross-fit, maintaining good health and wellness has become a part of everyday life. There are so many things people can do to stay fit and healthy. Still, we can’t deny the effects of proper nutrition and a proper diet.

Here at iKeva, we believe in promoting good health and keeping our members active, healthy and happy. We’ve invited noted nutrition experts from Yashoda Hospital to our Banjara Hills Center to conduct a health camp with a free health check and free advice on healthy living and wellness. Their nutritionists are also prepared to help you create a healthy diet plan for yourself too. These diet plans are customised as per individual needs. Plus, on the occasion of World Health Day, you can also avail an exclusive Diabetes Care Package. The event, held on the 15th of April, 2016 was open to both iKeva members and their families. The health camp was an enlightening look at our daily nutrition and better ways to keep healthy.

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