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Project Professional Image in Coworking Space with these Four Simple Tips

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Everyone has some expectations from their coworker in a coworking space. You would, ideally, want a coworker who is always punctual, easy to go, and, most importantly, very active, social, and trustworthy. Since many people will work solo or without any team or support, having someone they can count on will be a big thing.

Maintaining a positive professional appearance is paramount when working in a shared office space. After all, you will spend most of your time in that proximity to people from different and varied professional backgrounds and diverse industry verticals. And more than that, a professional office space will also help you develop productive habits.

Coworking spaces nowadays are a hot trend, and they are here to stay for a long time. More and more companies are investing in these spaces to save on rent and other expenses. So, how can you project a professional image? Here are four tips for you through which you can establish a professional image in front of your coworkers, clients, customers and team members.


Understanding Coworking Spaces

Let us first look at what these fully furnished office spaces on rent really are. A coworking space is a shared place where employees from several organizations coexist and use the same office amenities under one roof. A coworking space is where people can go to work, connect with others, and interact.

In addition, coworking spaces provide a forum for connecting with other professionals in a similar field. This coworking space in Hyderabad can assist them in strengthening their connections and expanding their network of contacts in the business world.


Four Tips for a Professional Image in a Coworking Space

Listed below are four simple ways through which you can project or even change your professional image. You can follow some and look for the best to help you.


Social Personality

Nobody likes a mere colleague at a coworking desk; instead, they look out for a peer. Therefore, when you showcase yourself more socially with a personal character, people will start to see you as their peer. Since you may interact with many individuals in these situations, it will be better to maintain a friendly demeanor.

With people who are secretive or try to maintain distance, you can make alliances by showing your support and being transparent in discussions. In a nutshell, if you are working in a coworking space, people should be able to freely talk to you and enjoy your company with the person sitting next to you or the company next door to yours.



While you work in a coworking center, you may have your entire office with all departments in one place. In this situation, you may have to deal with different departments, colleagues, assignments, tasks, meetings, and deadlines. For you to project a professional image, your colleagues should be able to see you as a reliable resource.

You should show your skills of always being prepared and on time for meetings and catch-ups. When your coworkers see you always ready and geared, they will start to know and understand how reliable you can be in their time of need. People prefer to rely on someone who can meet their deadlines and help others.


Respectful to Others

Respect may seem like a tiny and ordinary word, but it has a lot of value. Always remember how you would like people to treat you, is how you should treat people around you. You will have professionals from different industries and positions in a plug and play office environment. The last thing you would want is anyone treating you inferior or vice versa.

The best way will be to treat everyone equally and create no difference in your workspace. When you appreciate others, irrespective of whether they are a part of your team, it shows how much you pay attention to minor details. As a result, they will start to respect you more and see you as highly professional.


Showcasing Positive Body Language

It may be the last of all, but the most important one. Imagine a colleague in your business center who could be more active or needs clarification. Will you ever feel like approaching them for anything? The answer is no, and the reason is their body language. Body language shows your true personality, including how you perceive the person standing before you.

Therefore, when meeting someone or even walking down the corridor of your office on rent, it is crucial to have positive, energetic, and helpful body language. You would not want people to assume being egoistic and someone unwilling to help in need. When you walk around, make eye contact with everyone and pass a smile. A smile will give you a good look and may even make someone’s day.


To Wrap It Up

Freelancers or people who work from home also use these spaces to meet new people and expand their social network. However, you never know when you need someone to help with work-related tasks. In such cases, you must be professional and willing to help and assist.

Look at the points mentioned above and see what you can try and incorporate into your professional lifestyle. Although everything only sometimes comes in handy, try and mix and match the options mentioned above and see which one suits you best. Carrying a professional attitude in a coworking space will help you in the long run. Take a look at iKeva that has professionals working out of managed office spaces and plug and play offices too. Also, iKeva has office spaces in prime locations that help you create a lasting first impression on your clients, customers and coworkers alike.