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Coworking Space: Top Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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Typically, in a coworking space Hyderabad, people from various teams and companies work together. According to a recent news report, in the first half of 2022 alone, coworking operators leased over 75000 seats, as compared to 60000 seats in 2021. Moreover, about 75% of the demand is owing to the three largest flex markets of Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad.


Trends in Coworking Spaces – 2023

Let us look at some trends in coworking spaces to watch out for this year.

Less Paperwork. More Technology.

In 2023, technology will play a pivotal role for workspace providers. Previously, many spaces had to hire managers for day and night shifts to assist coworkers. Access cards, coworking space management software, booking systems, security and surveillance, attendance systems, automated invoices, employee time tracking, and so on are already impactful at shared office spaces.

Custom-Designed Managed Offices

According to a detailed study of coworking trends in 2023, designing of workspaces will improve daily. Sitting and standing desks, sofas, couches, and bean bags are commonplace. Design elements according to brand identity, biophilic design concepts, ergonomic furniture, breakout zones, pantry areas as casual meeting places and more are being seen at fully furnished office spaces. In fact, swanky and functional interiors are the hallmark at iKeva’s custom-designed managed office spaces.

More and more clients will now take up workspace within coworking spaces whereby their workspaces are personalized according to their own brand requirements. This enables the clients to have their brand colors splashed on the walls or doors or furniture of their office space. Furthermore, only their employees or visitors have access to recreational areas or even pantry within their office space. Therefore, fully customized managed office spaces would be quite popular in the coming year.

Prime Locations

According to coworking trends, people prefer coworking spaces with multiple locations within a city because they can work at any site. Frequent travelers and people in business prefer coworking spaces with various city locations. iKeva, for instance, has aesthetic and affordable workspaces at prime locations at IT/ business hubs that are easily accessible. (link to Hyderabad locations)

Coworking Spaces for Specific Industries or Niche

The trend of specific industry-based coworking has already begun and will continue to grow in 2023 as well. For example, they are creating a coworking space for artists, only for females, developers and coders, startups, photographers, and so on. The design of such coworking spaces is specially to enable smooth workflow for these professionals and provide all the amenities that a professional in that field might require. This also helps in providing networking possibilities to the professionals among their own community.

Providing Outside-of-the-Box Services

According to a recent study, plug and play offices have begun to provide their coworkers with a wide range of extra services such as creche, hiring a chartered accountant for your firm, making the office pet-friendly, bank partnerships for a loan, business account, etc. Thus, going above and beyond usual services is another futuristic trend in coworking spaces for 2023.


Quick Wrap Up

Coworking spaces can be an incubator for new possibilities, whether you’re an entrepreneur searching for investors, a businessman looking for an office on rent, or an established team looking for new clients. These shared workspaces support and help build new contacts, connections, and enhance productivity as well. Additionally, coworking spaces let you scale operations and work when and where you want. Thus, for a seamless office experience, experience iKeva.