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Is Virtual Office Suitable for Small Businesses?

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The idea of virtual workplaces has changed in the current scenario, and it now encompasses more than just working remotely or virtually. Over the years, the idea of a virtual office has become more well-known, and today people are concentrating on moving their operations to a virtual arrangement. Has the definition of “virtual office” changed or remained the same?

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a company that is operating out of another city but has a physical office space for communication or registration purposes. Coworking space providers offer virtual office facilities too along with various other services, including physical meeting rooms, mail and courier management, and reception services. The idea is to ensure that small or new firms do not invest in renting a space and instead use a virtual office address as their own. Therefore, small firms and start-ups stand to gain from embracing this model, and they can employ virtual offices for company registration and communication both.


What are the Benefits of Virtual Office for small businesses?

Here are five ways in which small firms can benefit from having a virtual office in Bangalore at coworking space:

1. A Physical Address Inspires Trust

Most coworking spaces are located in prime business or IT hubs. Hence, having a business registration address helps in leaving a lasting impression on clients, customers and team members alike. An actual mailing address would reassure your consumers of your company’s genuineness and also serve as a demonstration of your professionalism. Additionally, you can use this information on your product packaging or marketing materials, including your website, to let customers know how to contact your company.

2. Choose Your Preferred City

As a small business or a startup, it may not be feasible for you to set up an office space in another city. Thanks to virtual office, you can conduct your business from the cities where your coworking space provider has its business centers. Hence, you can select your work address if you have a virtual office, even if you can’t rent a physical place, with the help of a virtual office for company registration in a prestigious location. Plus, your company could establish a far more robust connection with the intended market this way.

3. Easy to scale

There is a possibility that, while working remotely from location “X,” you will need to switch to or move to location “Y.” If the address were physical, you would need to move your entire setup and go through the effort of changing the lesson thoroughly. However, these issues would not matter if you had a virtual office because you could move anytime and anywhere without worrying about your company’s location changing or your team size changing.

4. Access to Extra Facilities

Although there are advantages to working remotely, there may be times when you need to spend some time with your team. Additionally, last-minute plans may crop up for any conferences or setting up monthly meetings. In these circumstances, taking up a virtual office in coworking spaces can be helpful as well. Many virtual offices employ fully equipped AV facilities and best-in-class amenities at conference and meeting rooms if necessary. Therefore, you can schedule a last-minute customer meeting if you have a virtual office address.

5.  Reduction in Costs

Renting and maintaining a physical location takes a lot of resources, both financial and human. It entails looking for a place to live, paying rent, and hiring administrative employees to look after the property and keeping it in good condition for routine usage.

A virtual office eliminates the need to worry about any of these issues. Many companies, tiny firms, are choosing to do this to save a sizable amount of money. They can also invest this money in their company, ensuring a profit.


Quick Wrap Up

Virtual offices are a blessing for people who are starting with less investment or looking to expand their office space, without going through the hassles of setting up a physical office’s infrastructure and that too, in various cities.

In case, as a start-up or a small business, you wish to adapt to this idea of a virtual office, you can consider taking up virtual office for communication purposes with us, at iKeva.