The radical change that has happened during the pandemic as reflected in various sectors is slowly getting accepted. People have embraced online schools, work-from-home culture, and the associated pros and cons. However, with life slowly returning to the hybrid model of working instead of going completely remote or working from home, it is getting challenging for offices and employees both to get accustomed to this new norm of working. Even in coworking spaces, the hybrid model is catching up and is already popular among organizations and teams alike. It is because the hybrid model revolves around their personal life without impacting work. But this involves some challenges for those who are coming to the office for the first time. They need to understand where they are supposed to sit, what are the various zones the office is divided into, and many other ‘firsts’ that are often challenging and exciting.
To make the first ‘Hellos’ comfortable between the cohort, the co-working spaces must be designed in a manner that is accepted by one and all. Here are some ways and methods that will enable employees to enjoy those few days in a week, back to work:
1. Make deliberate communication: Huddles and meetings are a common way of communicating with each other in the office. When a co-working space designs a corner, a meeting room, or a huddle space for the teams, it automatically acts as the ice breaker. A well-designed meeting room that accommodates even smaller teams will encourage the employees to speak to each other about the office and sometimes beyond office issues. Such areas give an impetus to connect amongst teams even in a 1:1 ratio.
2. Well-equipped to facilitate audio or video conference: Robust infrastructure that enables a meticulous flow of information between the office and the remote workers must be established. This will act as the best investment that will enhance productivity as the employees will feel a sense of belongingness. Typically, your coworking space in Hyderabad will provide you a well-equipped meeting room with all the requisite facilities. In a hybrid model, a virtual office tour can be undertaken on the first day of the office. At the same time, the introductory face-face interaction can be balanced with, “Hello, the virtual meeting went well yesterday”. The employees will feel a sudden connection with each other and in no time can mingle professionally to work incoherence.
3. Book-a-desk: To avoid a flexible workforce and maintain an equilibrium between the remote workers, hybrid workers, and the ones who are working from the office, this feature supplements a balance. In the hybrid model, the employees book a desk before coming to the office. This way the desk and its utility are known to the administration. Subsequently, the administration can allow other workers to book the desk well in advance for a more organized shared office space. Also, it avoids confusion at a large level and the employees can anticipate the next day when a desk is booked.
4. Label the office well: Coworking spaces are flexible, where employees who work in remote and hybrid models can book a desk for themselves. In this case, the virtual tour works well; however, sometimes it is difficult to relate to the virtual office and a real one. When you come for the first time to an office, it becomes complex to relate to what you say online. In this case, interactive maps or well-labelled offices come to the rescue. This allows the first-time office comers or back to office staff to have an easy way out to the place where they are likely to sit or conduct a meeting. The interactive maps help you navigate to every nook and corner of the office. And the labels at the same time aid in identifying the place.

In a nutshell
Just like the goodbyes are tough, the first ‘hellos’ aren’t easy either. iKeva makes sure that each day at their co-working office space turns out to be productive and enjoyable. Spread across three major cities of India, namely, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai, in prime business hubs, iKeva understands that one good hybrid employee’s experience casts a cascading effect. Such a flow of positivity stamps the success of the establishment. iKeva has time and again shown its endeavour in doing the best for the employees by providing well-equipped meeting rooms, and the flexibility to book them on a pay as you use basis, making it easy for everyone to work.

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