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How to effectively manage a virtual office space

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Owing to the utilization of technology, the world has become a global village. Tech-enabled workspaces have effectively bridged the gap between professionals in various cities and even countries. Along with the advancement of technology, the popularity of virtual office spaces has also increased. This has been made possible with the help of high-speed internet and further enhanced by the usage of platforms. 

Just like a physical office, a virtual office is also a workplace where people meet daily, collaborate over projects and interact productively. However, the main difference is that the physical office is a real-world entity and the virtual office is, as the name suggests, virtual. This simply means it is not a place where people meet in a physical space, unlike a conventional office. They rather have discussions or do meetings over a conference call/ audio or video call. 

The main advantage of using a virtual office space is that you can work remotely, from a physical business address at prime locations, and that too, without adversely affecting a company’s productivity. The other benefits of a virtual office include saving costs and expenditures, mail and courier management, access to a wider talent hub by removing the barrier of geospatial reach, comfort for employees by cutting down commute, easy upscaling or downscaling of a business and countless benefits for the employees like work-life balance, boosted productivity and decreased absenteeism. 

However, all this does not mean in any way that the benefits of a virtual office in Hyderabad outweigh the advantages of a physical office. The management must look for ways to properly manage a virtual office in order to harness its benefits and ensure that it does not hamper the efficiency of the organisation. The challenges that come with the improper management of a virtual office space can undo all its rewards; to the extent of even replacing them with liabilities. 

So, how does one effectively coordinate a virtual office space? Here are a few steps on managing the virtual office space in the best possible manner:-

  • Proper virtual infrastructure with effective communication tools- The foremost and most basic way to manage a virtual office is to have a strong foundation with the latest technology and software updates. This would ensure better connectivity not only within the company but also amongst their clients. Without this virtual scaffold, it is impossible to manage a virtual office. Effective modes of communication include multimedia tools like audio calls, video calls, real-time documenting, projection of screen and even access to control each other’s system. These may appear to be small details, yet they hold reasonable importance in the systematic and organized working of a virtual office.
  • Security against cyber sabotage- A virtual space may be prone to attacks by hackers. Taking appropriate safety measures to safeguard the webspace is an essential prerequisite of a virtual office. Because such cyber attacks have the potential of harming the legal affairs as well as the reputation of the organisation, strong and secured security software must be arranged. When the important and confidential files are hidden and well protected, the firm has no setbacks to the road of success.
  • Fixed schedule- Although a virtual office is just an online version of a physical office, the functioning style may vary according to the industry vertical of the company. Some companies may face the challenge of their employees not meeting deadlines and cutting short the work assigned to them. To tackle this, maintaining a fixed schedule policy must be adhered to by all employees.
  • Systemisation and sophistication of workflow- Having business processes in place with a cohesive strategy and clear scope of work goes a long way. This helps you streamline your workflow, makes the confusion clear, makes employees more responsible and answerable, retains the efficiency of employees and projects a clear and trailblazing image of your organisation. 

In a nutshell 

To sum it all, it is evident how small steps in managing a virtual office play a big role in determining the accomplishment of a company’s business objectives. For a virtual office space that suits your business needs, make a conscious decision to select a reliable and trusted name in the coworking office space arena, such as iKeva. iKeva has a presence in three major cities of India, namely Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai. With its plethora of facilities and community benefits, iKeva ensures that your virtual office space experience is a seamless one.