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Millennials Constitute the Major Workforce in the Indian Coworking Arena

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As they are named, the millennials are the dynamic generation who enjoyed the chance of growing up at the transition of centuries and they have witnessed the grand rise of online simulation like Google, Facebook and many more firsthand. These millennials constitute a major workforce in the Indian coworking arena. A lot of coworking research reveals that the majority of coworkers fall under the age bracket of 25-34 years. Their affinity groups are hobbies, lifestyle, sports, fitness and shopping.

With the availability and popularity of the coworking spaces, the professional lives of the millions of Indians have been revolutionized and most of the millennials working in the corporate sector no longer settle with mere tiny desks & tedious long hours of work. With the scenario where millennials are rising up and making up more than 50% of India’s workforce by the end of 2020, the traditional workspaces will be majorly disrupted. Millennials are being constantly witnessed to shift to coworking rather than adopting the conventional offices as they find the traditional office concept to be boring.

The major characteristics of the millennials who constitute the major workforce in the coworking spaces in India are discussed below:


  • The first internet-savvy generation- The popularity of Orkut and then Facebook in the social lives of the millennials very strongly started to revolutionize their lifestyles since the mid of the first decade of the twenty-first century. The perpetual availability of these online new media over the passage of more than a decade now has made the millennials better informed as compared to the preceding generations. They are undoubtedly the very first generation that seriously focused on their dreams and passions rather than remaining happy with mere job security. The millennials’ transition from teenage to young adults has been molded in an absolutely social way. The frequent organizing of several events & activities in the schools & colleges made them strongly feel a part of several online communities during their teenage years. The frequent breaks in between the classes in the school made them productively refocus & re-energize. The periodic activities, constant breaks, holidays and events gave them a strong will to study well & perform better. It wouldn’t be wrong to quote that the millennials are undoubtedly the first generation who have valued productivity as compared to time.
  • Millennials crave flexibility & innovation- One amongst the highly valued things in the lives of the millennials is flexibility. While the traditional corporate and organizations still adhere to the age-old pattern of eight hours of work in every working day that was proposed years back during Henry Ford’s time in the 1920s. The millennials are usually seen to value and grab opportunities more proactively that also allows them to link their passions to their portfolio of work in a stronger manner. Needless to say, they are more technologically and digitally savvy as compared to the preceding generations. The millennials are also more conscious about work-life balance in their lives. The adoption of the coworking spaces helps the millennials to maintain their work-life balance considerably.


  1. A major shift in priorities- In the present scenario where a huge number of millennials have entered the workforce in the last one decade’s time, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in priorities amongst the workforce. The noticeable change in their skills, attitude and way of working has contributed to the changed priorities of the young workforce. The new expectations & also the changed rules and regulations were the major reasons why the millennials adopted different methodologies of working and they prefer more contemporary workspaces like the coworking spaces. The trendy coworking spaces over the period of last one decade have become the right solution that the corporate and managers adopted to do away with the boredom in the workplace.
  2. Millennials prefer a collaborative environment for better productivity- This has been observed that the millennials require a collaborative atmosphere & environment for performing optimally. With the right sense of the belonging, the like-minded millennials are undoubtedly better & dynamic team players. It has also come up as a trend that the employees are not at their workstations 50-60% of the time. They prefer using less private areas and require more flexibility. Coworking spaces provide exactly the same to the millennials and thus the demand for the coworking spaces has been witnessing a steep rise.

The millennial kids are now grown up & constitute a considerable percentage of the entire workforce in India. These digital savvy kids always seek and prefer new office environments which are more in sync with their expectations and needs. Needless to say, coworking has provided them with an entirely new creative space for working productively which provides them flexibility in a structured environment.


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