Fun or Work- Is it the high time when Coworking Spaces need a reality check?

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The millennials in recent years are already reimagining the concept of workplaces which are better and more optimum for fitting their needs. The way today’s generation of professionals is bucking the traditional workspaces is by adopting coworking. which is being embraced big time by thousands of professionals in the present years is a relatively recent concept. This allows the entrepreneurs and freelancers in enjoying the long list of benefits that are attached to the well-stocked common office space, without surrendering the probable pros of being their own boss.

When it comes to coworking, this is usually a beautiful, mutualistic concept of professional relationship at the very first glance. The coworking startups are witnessed to find significant success by providing their community workspaces which are affordable, fun-filled as well as collaborative.

Out of all the good features of the coworking spaces, there is a problem which is brewing just under the surface of the booming coworking world. The problem is deemed to be directly related to the productivity & long-term sustainability of the coworkers.

The coworking spaces are absolutely alive with the right synergy & the collaboration of the strangers who eventually become colleagues. But when talking about the worst of the coworking spaces, some industry experts are of the view that the coworking spaces are distracting productivity. The countless perks, the bunch of intelligent professionals & the perpetual bustle of the creative minds that operate from the coworking spaces at times make it difficult to accomplish all the desired tasks without distraction.

Coworking spaces are the modern workspaces or the new-age hangout?

There are several critics who are asking if the coworking spaces are giving a feel of a hangout destination rather than a serious place to work.

Firstly, it is crucial considering that all the coworking spaces are certainly not equal. The different coworking spaces specialize in catering to a different set of professionals. Some coworking spaces are found to cater to executives whereas some coworking spaces are more focused on housing creative individuals offering their services as freelancers. Also, there are certain coworking spaces which are a strategic amalgamation.

All the coworking spaces are being witnessed to fill very fast with professionals who’re there to complete their projects successfully. The professionals in a coworking space, most of the times, work on their own accord and does not require micro-management. So, they are not usually distracted by the amenities which are present in the coworking spaces. Instead, the optimum level of opportunities enhances the productivity of the coworkers considerably.

Coworking spaces offer amenities or productivity or a combination of both?

When a freelancer gets an opportunity to work from a well-managed coworking space which offers amazing and unmatched opportunities to be a part of thriving professional community, then the coworking space is certainly the love at the first sight for the freelancer. But looking further in the road ahead, there can be little distractions which prevent the professionals from doing these works every day. They will notice a considerable drop in the level of productivity and can become discouraged.

The critics are also heard saying that operating from coworking spaces deviate from your core project. In the effort to become an active part of the thriving community in a coworking space, the professionals are often seen to minding others’ business more than their own. This leads to lesser productivity. However, this may be true once in a while but this can be easily balanced even after being an active member of the thriving coworking community.

For those professionals who’re intrigued by sound and commotion, the major coworking spaces also offer private and soundproof suites which help them concentrate on their work and complete their projects discreetly. However, even by opting for private suites in a coworking space, a professional can become an active member of the coworking community.

Most of the coworking spaces in Mumbai significantly focus on the amenities they extend to their members. But this is true at the same time that the works still need to be accomplished within the desired timelines.

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