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Outstanding benefits of Custom Designed Managed Office

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Do you want a workplace which shouts of your unique brand identity? Where can you and your staff work without worrying about managing and maintaining it? Where can your team happily engage with a vibrant community? All this, without burning a hole in your pocket? The answer is a custom-built office. They are also commonly referred to as “managed offices or even built-to-suit offices.” So, let’s delve deeper to understand what exactly does the word “managed office” mean?

What is a Managed Office?

A managed office, often known as a “custom-built office,” is essentially a workspace suited to the organization’s specific needs. As an owner, you have complete control over everything, from the design of the workplace to the layout, facilities, and even branding. These offices are handled and cared for by third-party operators, freeing you from responsibility.

Many businesses have expressed worries about their employees’ privacy and security while working in a conventional office space. As a result, there has been a dramatic change in the number of people desiring to relocate from business centers and into managed offices.

People have recently become more interested in managed offices since they provide more customization options than coworking or traditional offices. Interestingly, you can have your own serviced office in Hyderabad within the coworking space premises too.


What are the Benefits of Managed Offices?

Some of the top benefits of Managed Offices are as follows:

Possibility to Promote one’s Brand

While operating in a managed environment, organizations have additional opportunities to express their brand image fully. Unlike traditional office spaces, where the building owner has more control over everything, managed office spaces allow employers to choose how they want their office to look. Employers can determine the overall plan, interior decor, and even whether or not they want a furnished office space. Everything is to the demands and specifications of the company’s brand colors and philosophy.

This system also allows the owners to refrain from investing in costly infrastructure or incurring additional maintenance expenditures. Once maintenance is taken care of, businesses can concentrate on the most pressing concerns in their offices.


Scalability is a critical component for organizations in the early stages of development. While corporations consider ramp-ups and service expansions, taking place in advance for these would result in paying extra rent and maintenance fees out of pocket. Managed office spaces come in handy in such situations since you may request an extension at any moment and have it personalized to your liking.

Excellence in Operations

The managed or serviced office concept gives businesses the resources to fuel growth without worrying about operational issues like design, maintenance, utilities, or office supplies.

A well-designed workplace with the appropriate technology and organizational culture can significantly increase employee productivity. Reputed workspace providers that oversee every area of your business’s operations take care of this.

Office Space Maintenance

As previously stated, this is one aspect that significantly impacts any firm. Maintaining the office, ensuring the administrative staff is paid, and taking care of pantry needs all take a lot of time. Furthermore, you will require additional resources to manage the situation.

In the case of a managed space, you will not have to worry about anything because the space provider will finally handle everything.

Privacy in the Workplace

Restricted access control, security and surveillance, firewall – you name it, and you can rest assured that your managed office will guarantee all of these and much more. Having your separate pantry, washrooms, breakout zone, lounge area etc also ensures that you and your team get a private space.

Continual Cash Flow

One crucial advantage is paying the rent in full at the beginning of the month, which means no ad-hoc or hidden costs that may occur at any time and without prior notice. When you take office space for rent in a managed office, everything is included in the agreement, including maintenance, a damage clause, and everything else established during the agreement. When you pay the entire amount, the corporation can easily manage its funds and direct them where needed.

No Additional Costs.

If you’ve ever taken up a traditional office, you’re probably aware of all the extra fees you will have to pay. Additional costs include Stamp duty, agent fees, solicitor costs, and other expenses.

In the case of a managed office, the transaction is made directly with the workspace provider; therefore, there are no hidden or additional costs attached to it.


Summing Up

Custom-designed managed offices have risen in popularity over time as people recognize their benefits. These offices are becoming a new market trend as they offer a completely flexible and personalized working culture. As reputed workspace providers, iKeva can provide remarkable and distinct managed workplaces based on your brand’s unique requirements. iKeva also has a team of knowledgeable and qualified specialists in this field and provides its clients with best-in-class services.