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Your Go-to Checklist before opting for a Coworking Space

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Most businesses prefer shared office spaces to save money and the complexity of managing and maintaining resources. Coworking space is a trend that is only going to grow even more in popularity. Especially with the hybrid office culture prevalent nowadays, and even having the option of a virtual office, professionals and entrepreneurs from many walks of life have begun to adopt the coworking lifestyle.

Why should you have a Coworking Space?

Most coworking spaces do not have rigid office culture. They’re quite flexible workspaces even though discipline is maintained to adhere to the highest services standards. In order to keep yourself or your team engaged, you can look for a workplace that regularly organizes events, seminars, and other team activities. This way, you can also increase the possibility of expanding the existing network. Most people choose shared office space because of the multicultural environment and the opportunity to meet new people.

From large and small companies alike to freelancers and individuals, professionals have begun to invest in coworking centers following the pandemic. Coworking space in Bangalore is proving to be beneficial to both individuals, entrepreneurs and employees. According to a recent survey report, there are close to 23.5K coworking spaces available in the world currently, with a projected increase to roughly 42K by 2024.


Checklist for Booking Coworking space

The following is a list of things to consider while choosing a coworking space:

Simple Accessibility

The accessibility of the shared office space for employees is one of the essential elements to consider. Modern professionals place such a high value on flexibility. More and more people realize how crucial it is to have the flexibility to work when it suits them.

One of the most crucial components of job satisfaction is having flexible hours. People nowadays want to work in a stress-free and easy-to-work environment, and if traveling to and from the office takes up a significant portion of their time, it becomes problematic.

Your business center should be in a secure environment where male and female employees can feel protected. Sometimes, the shifts or workers must sit late to complete their work. In such instances, your workplace should be somewhere near the central hub. There should be plenty of places that provide fundamental necessities at all times.

Before you decide to book an office space on rent that is near you, always look at the neighborhood in day and night to get a sense of the surroundings. The workspace that you book should be in the heart of town, easily accessible and centrally located in a prime hub with plenty of parking for employees.

Services and Assistance

You should ideally opt for a plug and play office where the only thing you need to bring is a laptop that you can plug in and start working. It would be ideal if the bundle included a fast Wi-Fi connection and the necessities for the foundational infrastructure, like printers and scanners.

Cabins and designated workspaces are among the other features. Make sure that coworking spaces include on-site IT assistance. You’ll be happy you picked a place with staff on hand that handles any IT issues swiftly if any arise.

Shared Facilities

Coworking entails sharing office space with people from a variety of locations. Sometimes a situation might arise when your job task requires you to conduct research in a quiet setting, but your coworker sitting next to your desk is a tele-caller. Some noise or distraction is bound to happen in such a case. Before signing the contract, ensure all of these details have been clearly conveyed to the workspace provider so that adequate arrangements can be made.

A shared office space entails sharing common facilities in the workspace. Look for food and cafeteria services in addition to IT services and common areas. Most of the office spaces include food, water, and tea/coffee dispensers.

Furnished Workspace and Conference Rooms

The average number of people per coworking space worldwide, according to a report, is close to 185. This data implies that you can imagine sharing your workplace with many people, so looking for a furnished office space where everyone has their coworking desk is critical. Also, fully furnished office spaces should have ergonomic furniture and lounge areas as well.

Also, except for those previously booked, there is no set time for a meeting when you work. You can expect an impromptu or unexpected meeting or phone call. In such instances, a coworking space should have a well-equipped conference or meeting room to accommodate multiple sessions.

Agreement or Membership

A coworking space arrangement is not the same as a lease space deal. Before deciding on a space:

  1. Consider their membership or agreement points.
  2. Check to see how long the lease or lock-in period will be.
  3. In addition, find out if they will provide a trial period before monthly charging. This agreement would also include a list of all the services a coworker would use.

Look out for hidden prices or charges before signing, and you should discuss all costs in advance. As a precaution, always ask for damage and penalty charges, and make sure you include the clause in the agreement. Another thing to look for is flexibility in office hours; you want to keep your employees from leaving the office after their shift has ended. In addition, look for a termination clause in your membership information.

Renting an office demands a considerable financial investment. Most rentals only charge a portion of the total price as actual rent; if you didn’t account for those other expenses when creating your initial budget, they could add up.



You can reach out to a reputed workspace provider with community and member benefits, such as iKeva if you want to learn more about how coworking space works and runs. iKeva is also a well-known name in the coworking market for meeting all of its client’s demands and expectations in the most effective, hassle-free, and benefit-packed manner.