Problems entrepreneurs come across while looking for an office space

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Entrepreneurship is progressive, right from a venture’s inception to its growth and until its stage of sustainability. Mistakes, problems, drifting-apart etc., are all just a part of the package. Networking and enhancing relationships with venture capitalists, experts, analysts and numerous start-up communities, entrepreneurs tend to overcome the shortcomings involved with funding, product development, focus enhancement, networking etc.

Though there is a joyful side to it, the journey has its own share of struggle; from choosing the right co-founder to raising capital, building a support system to setting up an office space. These factors determine the growth of a startup at various troughs and peaks of its own lifecycle.

Delving further into office space requirements for a startup, most entrepreneurs face issues finding the right one. Evolution of a startup towards finesse and perfection demands an entrepreneur to always look beyond a traditional/conventional office space and focus on meeting all-round benefits for a business in one place, under one roof.

Professional Office Space

It is important for any entrepreneur to run his/her business from an office that is truly professional and which adds more value holistically. Business centers which come with features of a serviced office space have favored entrepreneurs with the right support system. These new extended office space solutions attend to critical business needs like prime location, fully furnished, plug and play, support staff, internet, telephone, round the clock access, reception services and more. A business’s home is its office space and finding the right one could pose a great challenge.

Several hurdles cross the path during the ‘search’ and the most-commonly faced problems are elaborated with relevant solutions spread in the market to ease out the ‘search’ exercise.

Freezing the apt solution

Before the trigger is pulled to dart the right office space, meeting the ‘must-haves’ from the checklist is mandatory. Due consideration should be given to facilities available, location, rent/lease terms, accessibility, security etc. However, most entrepreneurs fail to find everything under one roof.

  • Solution: A serviced office space that provides a range of benefits readily available. 24X7 access, prime location, security, cafeteria, internet, telephone, hassle-free terms and more.

Choosing the location

Ideally, startups must install a base at a location that is in close proximity to their clients, customers, partners, vendors etc. But managing to find one that is within the budget and which is centrally-located is quite a challenge.

  • Solution: A plug and play office in a prime location, with ready to use facilities. Also, most of these serviced office providers offer customized plans to suit your budget.

Dealing with rental/lease terms

Right space comes with high rental and lease terms. Emerging startups work on tight budgets and even after earmarking a part of it towards rental costs, a desired space could still be out of range.

  • Solution: Serviced office accommodation for your business in a business centre that is reasonably priced and has flexible lease terms.

Space is an issue

It’s fairly common that a lot of startups overlook the size/capacity of a space. It’s pointless when employees don’t have enough space to work; while a closed door meeting is taking place next to them. Comfort is the key! But certainly not to an extent where there’s more of the space lying unused than what is being used.

  • Solution: A serviced office solution where you pay only for what you use. Ready-to-use, fully furnished and professionally managed. Meeting rooms available at your disposal.

To grow, sustain and succeed in an environment that perfectly embodies the business and its values, iKeva is the answer. iKeva provides serviced office space to rent for businesses, packed with best-in-class facilities, benefits at the ready and customized and flexible workspaces. We understand the plight of entrepreneurs, startups in finding a right space and provide them just what’s needed to carry their business efficiently and in a hassle-free atmosphere.

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