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“Co” means joint or collective. Similarly, co-working happens when a furnished office space is given on hire to multiple individual professionals and companies at the same time.

Here’s how co-working helps in building a community

  • Clientele
    While working in a co-working space, you not only save infrastructural expenses but also can build your market. There are chances that the person working next to you might be looking for the exact same product or service that your company provides. To get noticed you can strike up a conversation with the people around during a coffee- break or while offering a lift. Such avenues allow you to talk about your business or work without sounding like a “promotional mail or call”. Even if the person may not need your product/ service, it’s likely that they will refer you a friend or relative who might need the services you provide.
  • Better market understanding
    Since you get to interact with people in a more relaxed, informal and face-to-face mode, you can get an insight into what they expect of the particular product or service or industry that you are into. This valuable, cost-free, research-level information can help you improve your work or commodity.
  • Prospective investors
    With MNCs entering the co-working field, they are constantly on the look-out for new talent and innovation. Apart from initiating a conversation, using stationery, mugs, etc. that contain your company logo can be an effective way to attract investors while at the office. Such a display creates brand awareness, recognition and the notion that you are passionate about your work.
  • Prospective employees/ employers
    As a start-up, you are often on the look-out for employees who are flexible and talented. Co-working spaces are a perfect hub for spotting freelancers and independent professionals. It’s like a win-win situation – companies may get employees and freelancers may get work without the rigmarole of middlemen.
  • People with similar interests
    As a freelancer co-working does not only assure you a work-friendly atmosphere and amenities. It can also help you connect with others who belong to your field of work. Apart from adding to your social life this also contributes to your career. You can get to learn some nuances from your co-workers as a result of daily interactions. You also get to add to your knowledge by attending talks, sessions, and events organized in co-working spaces.

Apart from the virtual world, build your network offline too. It’s not only more effective but also more credible. To get started with co-working just reach to us at and we shall do rest.