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How to book a Virtual office in a Coworking Space?

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Coworking space, the latest trend that many companies, freelancers, and even self-employed people follow, comes with flexible terms. You can get everything from technology to maintenance under one roof without hiring extra resources to do your job.

In addition, most of these shared office spaces provide fully furnished working areas with world-class facilities and flexible payment and lease arrangements. Such deals let the companies focus more on growing their business than taking care of the routine administrative tasks. But the question is how to set up your virtual office in a coworking space. Let’s find out.


Virtual Office – What is it?

You may have agreed on a flexible work module with your team and may need only to meet once or twice a week or month. Or your head office is in a different city but you want to have physical office space in another location – without the hassles of opening a traditional office and having your team to work from that office. Do you need someone to handle reception and courier management and your business meeting requirements once in a while? If your answer is yes, then a virtual office is just right for you. In fact, a conventional office space can cost you much more in maintenance than a virtual office may cost you.

For opening your virtual office in India, you can contact a shared office space provider or business center. You may utilize their administrative services and give their address as yours for all official purposes. It is a cost-effective option as compared to a traditional office. You will pay a monthly subscription using a business registration address or mailing services. Additionally, you can get many more benefits, such as a receptionist, meeting room on demand, and other member benefits, all included in your virtual office package.

In this setup, you would not have to worry about buying physical office space. It is the best alternative for companies with people working remotely in different parts of the world.


How to book a Coworking Space for a Virtual Office?

Maintaining a physical office address is a time-consuming and costly affair. Hence, more and more people are focusing on using a virtual office for business purposes. Here are the ways through which you can also book the best virtual office for your business:


Thorough Research

Coworking spaces are everywhere nowadays; you can find multiple in a single city. But which one to go for and why, will depend more on your needs. For this, thorough research is significant, especially when you shall be using their address for communication purposes.

Mostly, your business address makes a massive difference in customers’ minds. Look out for a virtual office that is in a prime business or IT hub of a city so that you can be more accessible to your customers. It is because there will be customers who will judge your business based on your company’s address. Also important is that you take up office space from a reliable workspace provider who is trustworthy. Hence, thorough research is necessary.

Physical Visit to the Center

Make sure to schedule a physical visit to the plug and play office once you have shortlisted a few options for your virtual office. Physically checking the place will give you a clear understanding of the office space for rent and its maintenance. Although you may not need the area often, one visit is enough to make or break the deal.

Paying for the Services

After doing the quality check by physically visiting the workspace, check their payment terms and the subscription rates. You will have to submit the requisite documents, consider the terms and conditions, make the payment, and only then you can start to enjoy your services. Your business center may ask for additional charges for giving you the virtual office address. In this case, look for a workspace provider whose terms have the desired transparency.

Facilities offered to you

While you have a place that will give you the office address for your business correspondence or communication purposes, you can also get the additional facility of reception and courier management from the workspace provider. This will ease your workload, and you will have someone to answer your customers’ phone calls and inquiries. Additionally, you can get AV equipped meeting rooms on demand, in a preferred location where the office space provider’s business centers are located. Some workspace providers might extend community and member benefits also, such as invites to workshops or seminars hosted by them in their office space. Also, you will get 24×7 security and surveillance, power backup, housekeeping and maintenance, and lots more.


Other Benefits of Using a Virtual Office

Besides the fact that you will not have to worry about maintaining the place, your virtual office will have the following benefits:

  1. It will give you a position at a premium or ideal location to use as your company’s address.
  2. You will not have to pay any heavy deposits or maintenance charges for taking care of the building or office.
  3. You will also get additional services such as a mailing room, conference room, and others free of cost or at nominal charges.
  4. You will be free to work from anywhere in the world without restricting yourself to a confined space.


Who should go for a Virtual Office?

Only some people can work in the virtual office scenario; some may even need the coworking space for their business needs. But if you are among the below, you can look out for a virtual office for your business:

  1. If you have a team that works remotely and only needs an address for correspondence purposes.
  2. If you are a start-up company and want to avoid investing money in renting a place or taking a coworking space.
  3. If you are a digital person and only need a mailing address to record your invoices and bill summaries.
  4. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to meet your team occasionally.
  5. If you are a freelancer or someone who operates from home and does not wish to use your home address as a business address.
  6. If you want office space in another city, from your head office.


Bottom Line

Getting a virtual office in Bangalore at a business center or a coworking space has many advantages. However, you should check the pros and cons before zeroing down on any office space. Most importantly, you should check whether your selected location is prime enough to attract customers and clients. Once all the necessary checks and verifications have been completed, submit the needed paperwork, pay the fee, and begin utilizing your virtual office. If there is an office space that upticks all the conditions mentioned above, then iKeva is the place to be. iKeva is a reputed workspace provider with community and member benefits that has its centers spread across Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai. Choose the best coworking space near you, that works for you. Experience iKeva.