In this fast-paced environment, office space trends are constantly changing too. From a 9-5 job to working from home, we all have seen a lot. With the onset of the pandemic, people had started to enjoy their WFH culture, but now it seems they are tired of staying home and working alone. Now, people are more interested in coworking spaces. And there are reasons why these shared office spaces are here to stay for a long time.

With people getting the option of not buying or leasing traditional office space and allowing their employees to be flexible and work in a hybrid work model, it is not wrong to say that coworking spaces will be the future of work.


Why is coworking essential and the future of work?

Coworking or plug and play office spaces provide companies, business owners, and freelancers the perfect answer to a hybrid work environment. Additionally, it is a more convenient option compared to traditional offices and is now being followed by many worldwide, largely due to the multiple benefits these fully furnished office spaces offer. Listed below are some major reasons why a coworking space can be what everyone may consider the future way of working.


Flexible option

A coworking desk is a flexible option, especially for businesses looking for a cost-effective option to take up office space on rent. In addition, many companies want to hire good talent irrespective of location and offer remote working, hybrid model of working or work-from-home options.

But since these people need more resources to work from home, they cannot join. With a business centre, these companies can get a premium location for office space and provide their teams with a productive workplace.


Connection and collaboration

In a managed office space, people are surrounded by individuals or companies working on different projects that can lead to networking and mentorship possibilities. Coworking spaces are a perfect platform to expand your network.

Through these spaces, people can get to know each other, their work profiles, their lifestyle, and how they can all come to each other’s help and support. Moreover, it will also save them from working in isolation, as usually happens in the WFH environment.



When you have people working from home, they may get distracted by their household tasks or chores or noises from pets etc. Moreover, homes are not designed for people to work; therefore, finding a place that is suitable for you to work and is inspiring also is a little challenging.

On the other hand, a furnished office space is designed for inspiration and creativity with ergonomic furniture and biophilic design concepts and aesthetic interiors. You may have different places to work or ideate and even relax such as lounge areas, meeting rooms, conference halls, breakout zones with games, etc. Depending on the need of your work and mood, you can spend time and be creative in your domain.


Amenities and Benefits

Working from home has a lot of advantages, and many people prefer this over working from the office. Still, certain small things can never be replicated when working from home. In these cases, a plug and play office does the job of filling those gaps.

One of the biggest perks is socializing, which is hard to do while working alone. Most business centers offer recreational activity zones, fun Fridays, team-building activities, learning and development sessions, and much more. Such activities or sessions are great for connecting and socializing with others while also getting an opportunity to learn and upskill themselves.

In addition, you also get best in class amenities such as restricted access control, housekeeping and security management by the workspace providers, administrative and perception and courier handling and much more. All routine administrative tasks are managed by the workspace providers so that you can concentrate on your core business.



In a coworking space, you will find many professionals from different industry verticals and diverse cultural backgrounds immersed in their work. The professionals do take a break and indulge in indoor games in the breakout zones. However, the culture at shared office spaces is of a professional and productive ambience. Respect for each other’s professional and personal boundaries is inherent at these plug and play offices. In a custom-designed managed office space, you can even get your own designated space for pantry, breakout zone, washrooms, lounge area and more. All this while retaining your brand identity. Such is the inclusive culture at coworking spaces.



One of the reasons why people are moving towards this trend is the world-class facility that they are offered at a coworking space. Everything is a part of the centre, from restricted access control to the pantry, breakout zone, restrooms, ergonomic furniture, and much more. Once you start to work here, you will not have to worry about managing anything.

Whereas, if companies plan on leasing a property for rent for their office, they will have to hire an additional workforce to manage all these things. Thus, adding extra costs and resources.

You don’t have to worry about managing the housekeeping staff, or the mail, or the security and surveillance, or even internet and power backup issues. Everything is managed by the workspace provider. So, with the help of all these facilities, you can easily focus on your core business area.



It is one area where people have struggled hard during their work-from-home days. There were days when people had to get off work because of electricity or internet issues, impacting their overall performance and the company. But it would not be the case in a coworking place.

Since the centre is responsible for providing all the necessities, they will ensure their IT services are up to mark. You also get 24×7 power backup, high speed internet and Wi-Fi, restricted access control, CCTV surveillance, invoice management and visitor management software etc.


Specific workspace

The coworking places are becoming innovative and thinking out of the box. For example, many spaces offer designated areas for females, specific groups, artists, and other professionals. If your company is searching for such an option, you can check out customized managed or enterprise office spaces.


To wrap it up

Undoubtedly, a fully furnished or customized managed office space on rent style will be the future of work. With more and more people looking for a remote or a hybrid working model, there is a rise seen in such working places. Additionally, a coworking space in Bangalore provides benefits that are far better than working from home. These agile workspaces attract many individuals and businesses alike as managed office space is an ideal place where people can socialize, learn, build relationships, work, and be at their productive best. If you’re searching for a coworking space or managed office, use a trusted workspace provider like iKeva. iKeva offers managed office spaces across Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai. If you are checking the boxes vis-a-vis the above mentioned points, why don’t you drop by for a personalized tour at your nearest iKeva center?

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