Is the trend of coworking changing the work culture in India?

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There has been a rapid surge of the startups in India in the last one decade. The ambitious millennials with an entrepreneurial mindset are the new generation of innovators and they highly prefer a flexible workspace. This fanned the highly popular trend of coworking in all the major cities of India.

The trend of coworking has been very strongly revolutionizing the work culture all over the globe and India is not an exception. India at present times is the second largest labor force in the entire globe and did not remain immune to the changing trends. The increasing demand for the shared offices increased throughout the length and breadth of the country and the changes are significantly high in the category ‘A’ cities as compared to the tier 2 and 3 cities.

Coworking is a trend which first attracted the startups and freelancers but this attraction did not remain confined to them. Within a couple of years of the coworking spaces getting popularized in India, the multinational companies, big corporate houses and also the large media houses started realizing the long list of advantages of the coworking spaces. The result of this was the increased popularity of the coworking spaces which increased incredibly fast with the passing time. The well-known real estate firm CBRE forecasted that the coworking spaces would count to 10 million square feet of floor space by the year 2020.

The current scenario of the workspaces is rapidly changing in today’s time. The phenomenon of coworking which is mightily challenging the idea of the prevailing traditional offices and also the notion of 9-5 workday sounded to be an outlandish idea even a few years ago. But with the changing time, the approach of the workspaces has also drastically changed.

As per a trusted source, the number of professionals operating from various coworking spaces across the globe has increased considerably from 21000 in the year 2010 to 1270000 in the year 2017. The number has grown to 1690000 in 2018. The fact is that the coworking spaces are not only embraced by the SMEs and startups but also big names like Microsoft, IBM and Facebook have also embraced the concept. The reason for the popularity of the coworking spaces is not only the cost-effectiveness but also the excellent and unprecedented networking and collaboration opportunities that the coworking spaces offer. The coworking spaces offer many additional advantages for which you do not pay a penny. For example, if you require a copywriter, you can just head to the other end of the office to avail a solution. If you require a market analyst, you have maximum chances of meeting one in the coffee café of a coworking space. These facilities are making the coworking spaces very popular. More and more startups and corporations are adopting the coworking spaces which are revolutionizing the work culture in India.

The coworking spaces have the most intuitively planned and designed floor plans and also the most convenient office amenities which make the coworking spaces the most ideal for the several forward-thinking companies. The most modern amenities which are being offered by the coworking spaces in India are:


  • IT support is being provided full-time


  • High-speed internet
  • Access 24/7
  • Coffee and pantry facilities
  • High technology enabled video conferencing
  • State-of-art boardroom & presentation room



All the above facilities streamline the business operations big time which eventually contributes to the enhancing of the productivity. The long list of benefits attached to the coworking spaces has attracted several takers of the same by the professionals from across the different industries. The coming together of professionals from different industries and operating harmoniously from under the same roof is certainly changing the work culture in India in a major way and more transformations are expected in the upcoming years.


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