Coworking spaces are open working areas where employees from all backgrounds work together to exchange knowledge and explore new ideas over community engagement and collaboration with professionals. Coworking is a common word used to describe a work style used by small enterprises, start-ups, solo-entrepreneurs and others who wish to work in a shared space. Coworking is primarily a shared office space, but unlike in a conventional office setting, people working in the same area are not all employed by the same firm. Coworking has grown in tandem with changes in the workplace. Traditional office spaces and the typical 9-5 working culture have given way to flexible work culture.

To understand it in a clear view, a coworking space is just like a library, where people from different backgrounds come together to fulfil their tasks, experience the environment and share the knowledge stored in the library. Here, in a shared working space, working officials come together to work, experience the environment, and share knowledge as well.

Now let’s see what makes a coworking space perfect. The following are a few main areas to find a perfect coworking space:

  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Flexibility
  • Budget
  • Privacy


The location should surely be the most important consideration when selecting the ideal coworking space for you. If you are in the service industry, you should choose a location that is convenient for your customers. You should select a place that will make a favourable first impression on a prospect. However, if the majority of your work can be done remotely and you want to work in a peaceful environment, you should choose a site close to your home.

The most significant part of locating a coworking space is whether you’re a solitary freelancer looking for a desk or a CEO managing a number of employees. The ideal coworking space may not be the one closest to you, but it should be accessible by car, bike, or public transit. If you want to network with like-minded coworkers, build a name for yourself in a new area, or even recruit new employees, a well-located coworking space, in a prime business hub, may make all the difference.


The coworking space should have all the major amenities that one expects from his/her workplace. Everything at the workspace comes with a price, so choose a managed office space that is value for money, and features to provide you with a calm and pleasant environment.

Additional facilities such as potted plants or a spacious cafeteria may seem insignificant to you at first, but they can genuinely turn a coworking space into something remarkable. Endless free coffee, reliable Wi-Fi, and printing facilities are a wonderful beginning point, but additional factors should also be considered while making your decision. Outdoor space is a huge benefit in metropolitan locations, while experienced on-site administrative staff and well-designed meeting places help you project a professional image around customers.


Flexible workspaces have emerged as an effective solution for plug and play offices to be agile with a company’s specific business needs. A coworking space could provide a major company with the first base in a new market before determining whether to pursue a more permanent expansion. Ensure the shared office space you pick has flexible payment options and a short-term office lease to hand in hand with your firm. It should also provide a breathing space that needs to deal with the unexpected ups or downs to meet your business pursuits as the company grows.


The shared office spaces are a low-cost choice for businesses wishing to relocate or grow, as they are well furnished, and facilities are included without unexpected expenditures such as maintenance cost. Your budget will ultimately determine if coworking spaces are feasible for you and your team. However, consider how things may change as time passes as the firm may experience highs and lows or your company may upgrade or downgrade. So having a coworking space with flexible leasing plans might be beneficial for the time being.


Depending on the nature of your profession, you’ll undoubtedly want some level of protection for your data and privacy when you meet clients and go about your business. For organisations big enough to lease a whole floor, open-plan offices and flexible desk arrangements are a possibility, but smaller teams and individual workers may benefit from private, lockable offices or on-demand conference rooms.

In conclusion

In sharp contrast to the traditional workplace, an ideal coworking space can be established and designed according to your needs. We hope that the above information has provided you with an idea of how to choose a perfect plug and play space for yourself.

One such workspace provider with community and member benefits is iKeva. iKeva provides not just plug and play office space solutions and fully serviced and managed offices but also a variety of facilities, flexible workspace solutions, and privacy, all at an affordable price. It also provides access to mail and courier management, use of office addresses in major business centres, unique member-only advantages, and free access to conference rooms and coworking space in Mumbai. Furthermore, iKeva provides guidance at every step of the process, ensuring that your work experience is as smooth as possible.

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