Heading to a coworking space? Did you know that you can increase productivity by simply imbibing desk etiquettes at your workspace? Yes, the way you behave at your office space has a major impact on your peers and the office environment. Coworking desk etiquette matters more when you are in a coworking space. Whether you are new to working in a business center or have been working out of fully serviced offices, there are some rules that you and your team should consider.

Take a look at these office etiquette tips for those working in coworking centres.

First and foremost, be aware of the noise policy.

If you have to work in a group out of a coworking office space, try not to make too much noise. Of course, in an open layout there will be some noise, but make sure to keep it at a level so that others can work peacefully. Alternatively, taking your business or personal calls in a private space would be a good idea. If the business call is taking more than a few minutes, then the meeting room can come in handy. Be aware of any guidelines at the shared office space. Knowing the dos and don’ts in this regard can help you know where you can take your calls.

Code of conduct

Be courteous with not just your own team but also the teams of other companies. When you see your co-workers busy with their work, it’s best not to disturb them. Consider turning off the sound on your phone and computer. Put all the notifications on silent or use headphones when you are in a mood to listen to music.

Coworking spaces might have certain rules to ensure your safety and comfort. So kindly follow the rules they enforce, such as no-smoking zones and no use of alcohol on the premises. Utilize the amenities judiciously. Don’t litter or ill-treat the administrative staff.

Another way everyone can benefit from your being good is by saying hello to co-workers, offering help, opening the door for someone, etc. Doing good deeds always pays off.

Leave no trace. Clean up your desk

In a shared office space, many workers come and go throughout the day, so it is important to keep the area clean. Do not leave your desk messy for others to clean up after you.

Put your coffee cups and tissue papers in the trash can before you leave. After you finish the eatables, please put them in the trash can.

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the washrooms.

Do not eat at the desk. When you are eating at a coworking desk, the smell can bother other co-workers. Plus, it can make your work area stink, so better go to the cafeteria or pantry.

Using the supplies or resources

Do not overuse the supplies that a managed office provides you. For example, limit your use of paper in the copy machine and pantry supplies if provided.

Holding the meeting rooms for long

Booking meeting rooms for long hours is not considerate of others. Follow the official process of checking the availability of the meeting rooms with the coworking space provider first, mention the duration you want, ask for audio-video conferencing equipment, give sufficient time to the office space provider to make any special arrangements and let them know in advance if you want the duration of booking to be extended.

Additionally, you should try to stick to your schedule as far as possible so that others can also go ahead with their plans without disturbance. If you need to do that successfully, you can make use of time management skills.

This is how everyone will benefit from the best-in-class amenities that a coworking space in Bangalore provides.

To summarize

Maintaining desk etiquette can keep everyone happy and encourage social interaction. It will make the shared office a more productive environment. At the same time, it will help you to connect with all your co-workers. Having an office on rent at a workspace is such a unique opportunity. So, don’t waste it due to impolite or rude behavior.

At iKeva, a diverse and vibrant community works and engages every day – from business owners to freelancers, and professionals. Their professionally trained team helps to build and maintain a productive office culture whilst you focus on your work. An important aspect when you are in a plug-and-play office. So, together, let’s make furnished office spaces even more welcoming and respectful.

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