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Corporates Must Adopt Serviced Office Space: Here’s Why

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Competition in the present world is cut-throat. All corporates are always on a quest of looking for steps that keep them ahead in this race. They are brainstorming over solutions that can provide basically two benefits: one, lower their expenditures and two, create a good reputation for the firm. This has given rise to all the new propositions that exist today. Serviced Office is one such proposition of creating a domain around people, a place for business to grow and ideas to multiply. Serviced office spaces are rapidly growing due to the huge benefit of the baggage they carry.

They are well-developed and high-quality fit-outs which promise for thriving business opportunities. They come with the pliability to choose working hours and also to reform and deform specifications according to the business need. These are fully functional office suites that maximize productivity, with a well-trained team to assist your requirements.

A few reasons why corporates must adopt a serviced office space are enumerated as follows:


Serviced office space has become the top priority because of the unbeaten facilities, flexibility and alluring locations wrapped with cost-effectiveness. They deliver corrective experience and advanced technology with high-speed connectivity, efficient quality to the big companies. Focus is laid on virtual activity-based meetings where the parties can meet and ponder over, and perform tasks that are not achievable through online meetings.


With the changing organizational needs and lifestyle of the employee, it is getting more difficult for the companies to recreate their workspace to attract the employees toward the office. On average, people are more likely to join remote working or work from home. Hence, companies are looking for some delightful way out. A combination of homely feel and office customs along with house-keeping staff and a trained receptionist is been infused in the very new innovatively designed workspaces also called serviced office spaces.


Professional catering and space flexibility has become another requirement, which the serviced office space has an upper hand compared to the traditional offices. In addition to the indispensable provisions like furniture and Wi-Fi, Serviced office space offers you the flexibility to expand or shrink your workspace as per your needs.


Cleanliness and sanitization have become of prime importance in this date, and will surely run along with the race. It is well demanded to shift the focus from other irrelevant things to sanitization. Hygiene is superseding most factors like cost, ambiance, and location convenience. We ensure the provision of hand sanitizers, regular and frequent high cleaning of the regularly used points is of utmost importance. Hygiene will be the first kept criteria for an employee to choose the workplace.


Worry less! The company employee no more needs to worry about managing community events, IT support, power backup, housekeeping, and receptionist. iKeva has fully covered all of the above services. These workplaces are fully personalized to reverberate your brand value to the edges. You are welcomed with a lavish workspace, spacious lobby and state-of-the-art service. Our fully managed services never fail to impress anyone.


The virtual workplaces have become an advanced and effective way to work. In the present scenario, work from home is the largest forced experiment done. This service enables the companies to approach their traditional range of activities without any hesitation from home. Conveniences provided are not limited, with prime location selection, in-house receptionist and mail services being prioritized. Not only this but also big companies are adopting serviced office space and saving a lot of their time, money and resources.

The best alternative for your corporate office as we suggest is serviced office space. This sector will experience growth in the long-term as companies opt for more flexible solutions rather than lengthy leases. The new cult of offices is already surpassing other types of working spaces with not only more flexibility to the working patterns but also with enhanced luxury. Visit today for a serviced office package for your corporate office.