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Virtual Office Space – Frequently Asked Questions

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Over the last six months, we have seen a significant impact on the global economy and business norms due to COVID 19. Businesses have had to find ways to adapt to the demands of this pandemic. People across the world are having to work from home, change their hygiene, and sanitation behaviors and maintain social distance norms.

During these trying times, opting for Virtual Office could be a better option. Although virtual offices were officially started in the early ’90s, it is gaining prominence for its benefits and offerings now due to the COVID response. Virtual office has always made the startups to launch their business easily without the burden of overhead costs incurred due to the physical office space and had effective ways for employees to work remotely. Lots of people have certain basic questions about a virtual office, here are a few we attempted to answer –

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is part of a workspace industry that provides an address for registration for companies without the overhead costs of owning a physical office space along with other office-related services and technology.

What are the different services provided by Virtual office space?

With a virtual office, employees can work from anywhere and still have access to the services like a mailing address, courier management, complimentary access to meeting rooms and conference rooms, dedicated phone answering solutions, access to secretarial and IT teams.

What services come with Virtual office?

With a virtual office you get an address for registration, mail and courier handling services, a virtual receptionist with dedicated phone answering, call forwarding etc., limited-time access to coworking desk, private office space or meeting room, access to secretarial and IT team.

Who should use a Virtual Office?

A virtual office can be used by anyone who can benefit from a physical address. A freelancer, small company, medium scale company or an MNC can make use of virtual offices in different circumstances. A freelancer or a small business can use a virtual office to enhance their credibility, and attract the clients, whereas an MNC can use it for the expansion of their business. Due to a lack of funds, some startups may just need an address for registration and meeting rooms to discuss with the clients. Virtual office space could be of great advantage for them.

How a virtual office is cost-effective.

One of the best things about having a virtual office is that you have access to a professional meeting room without the costs which are synonymous with leased office spaces. With virtual offices, you get the best of both worlds: a furnished coworking space or private office space with meeting room access when you need it along with a receptionist who will warmly and professionally greet your clients, and the flexibility in pricings, or low monthly rate starting at just Rs. 2000 per month. Therefore, you will get an office address with meeting room access when you need it, instead of having to pay full office space rent.

How Does Virtual Office Mail Forwarding Work?

Whenever a mail or courier received under the name of your company, it is stored privately until you come and pick it up. We also forward the same to you at a modest additional fee if you need.

How iKeva’s Virtual Office Service can help grow my business.

It would be hard to put a price on a swanky upscale address, but how about a starting price as low as 2000 INR per month? Our plans start from this low, and yet gives your company a good prestige with the best-know address in a prime business location. You will get increased credibility for your clients and customers. Looks and impressions do matter. Moreover, you can rent virtual offices in different locations in India as we have many branches across the country and get additional access to the meeting rooms, coworking desks, or private offices when needed. If you want to expand your business to Mumbai, you can rent a virtual office in Mumbai and test the market there before actually setting up your physical office space.

What is the role of a virtual receptionist?

A Virtual receptionist is more like your in-house receptionist but works remotely. The virtual receptionist on your behalf answers calls, receives messages and also does call forwarded when required. Virtual receptionists are well trained to answer your customer or client calls using the name of your business, which enhances your business as well as credibility.

Will I have access to a physical office with a virtual office package?

Yes, you can have limited-time access to meeting rooms, coworking desk or private office space based on the package you choose. Various packages are designed keeping in mind the needs of different scales of businesses like freelancers, small businesses or large corporations.