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Secrets to Improve Employee Motivation

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There are no two ways about the fact that keeping your employees motivated to give their hundred percent is tough. Finding talent and hard work is one thing, but motivating your recourse to go beyond the call of duty is not. The problem is fairly common and can get immensely frustrating to remedy.

Money is certainly a major motivation, however, there are other intrinsic motivational needs that an employee needs but fails to acquire.

If you too are struggling to boost your team’s morale and inspire productivity, we’ve listed out three secrets that would help you improve employee motivation:


To be able to motivate your employee, you would have to start with understanding their psyche. In general terms, an employee shall be completely satisfied with 3 kinds of motivation:


Autonomy- a desire to direct their own work

  • Your employees need to be shown that respect of you not intruding and letting them work on a project from beginning to end.
  • By constantly sharing “constructive feedback” midway through the project, it is likely that you would shatter their morale and loose on the productivity. Instead, by proving total ownership to them would push them to work better.
  • Make sure you provide them the freedom they deserve, let them work on projects that interest them and show them a future picture of the work they do


Mastery- an urge to become better at something

  • A study shows that people have an intrinsic motivation to become better at whatever they do. It is important that you understand this as you can help your employees master their skills.
  • Empower your employees by investing in them. Pay for courses they could take, send them to conferences if it helps them learn, and even mentor them to improve their skills.
  • Encourage your employees to experiment and explain them that failure is okay.


Purpose- Being a part of something bigger

  • Keep reminding them about the mission of your company. It’s not just about productivity; it’s about making them understand what they are representing and their loyalties.
  • Involve your employees in company’s decisions. Make them feel important to the company.
  • Make them feel privileged for being a part of your company and making a difference. Let them know the company they are working hard for is keeping them in a good place
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