When you sign up to become an entrepreneur, you also sign up for a chaotic journey. Sooner or later, you understand that the beauty of being successful is not the success itself, but the struggle you go through on that journey!

Whoever was once in that place has emphasized the importance of keeping your wits about you and staying cool in difficult situations. After all, it’s not easy to put aside your fears, anger, and anxiety when things are not right. Yet, only a composed mindset is capable to tackle the hard-hitting problems. Besides, losing your cool in important situations can be very harmful to your business.

So what is the formula to keep your calm? How did the successful business owners remain calm during those challenging times? Well, try out these tried and tested methods to help you stay in control and manage your emotions during a crisis.

Think of the problem like an outsider

When the crisis hits, business owners tend to let emotions take over practicality. The best way to diffuse an emotional situation is to look at the problem like an outsider. By shifting your perspective, you’ll see potential solutions with much more clarity. So, don’t react immediately, instead, be patient, collect as much information as possible and encourage the team to handle it. Sounds simple but if you could pull this off right, at the right time, its half the battle won!

Be brave and keep a positive attitude

Being overwhelmed by stress can often turn into fear. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to be afraid during a crisis as it is your entire livelihood on the line. But remember, if you don’t remain brave; your employees will be affected too. To keep up their confidence and problem-solving skills, you’ll have to go strong and try turning things around together.  Keeping a positive attitude on your face and pushing the excellence of your team will keep their morale high, plus you will earn the trust and respect of your employees.

Develop a coping strategy

A crisis may require you to invest more time in your work. Working late at the office or working home on weekends can increase your level fatigue which can affect your ability to make rational decisions. To be able to stay stable in the head, find activities that make you calm. Meditate at least for 15 minutes every day, practice yoga or take a walk. These techniques can help you feel more empowered to handle tough situations.


It’s not always possible, but if you can, try disconnecting from your work for a while. Getting away from the situation even for some time will help you reprocess the situation. This would also aid your mind to come up with new solutions and fresh ideas.

When you start up new, things especially go off the rails at work. Make sure you use these tips before you verbally explode on your team for something not working out.

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