Why virtual office in Bangalore is better option for freelancers

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If you are a freelancer or running a home-based small business in Bangalore, then it would be a great idea to opt for a virtual office in Bangalore. This would help you create a better outward image of your business. Opting for a virtual office saves a lot of your hard earned money and gives and offers a professional and impressive image to your small business within the affordable budget.

A virtual office is absolutely apt for a small business as it provides a number of facilities like call handling, mail forwarding and meeting and conference rooms which can be purchased very flexibley on the basis of la carte. This means that you can opt to choose and pick the office facilities at a fraction of an expense as compared to that of a physical office.

The virtual offices will appear like normal offices to your clients and prospective clients. The small businesses usually do not require client walk-in to the office. So, the clientele will have no clue that you are operating from some residential set-up. You as a small business owner will reap   all similar benefits by opting for some virtual office address as you would have received by hiring some physical office.

Here are some great benefits that rationalize that a virtual office in Bangalore is a better option for the freelancers and small business owners.

  • Creating the best first impression in front of the clientele

Renting a “virtual office” provides your business operations a professional veneer as it uses an address of a commercial location instead of any residential dwelling or suburban location.

Even if you as a small business owner is working from home, you want clients to believe that you have enough resources to afford and operate from a space in a commercial location, industrial estate or building.

We are living in an age where the first impressions matter a lot to most of the people. So, you as a small business owner should adopt required tricks at your disposal in order to give a professional and attractive image to your business. This has become an indispensable part of your marketing or branding strategy.

If you are owning a virtual office address in Bangalore, then it would be easier for anyone to find your business’s location onin digital maps. There are several prospective customers who continuously perform product research and compare your business offerings with that of your competitors. Thus, the assumptions which the prospective customers make regarding your business depending on your prestigious business location makes a lot of difference. You have maximum chances of winning the business in comparison to your competitors if you have a prestigious business address and a great location.

This is a fact that a residential address for your business gives an amateurish image to your business. It gives a lesser serious impression of your business in comparison to the competitors who possess some credible business address though he is actually operating from his residence too. Thus, first impressions matter a lot. So, it is high time for allocating the costs or you will certainly pay the price for the not doing it.

  • Maintaining the privacy of your residential address

Another major benefit of renting for a virtual address of your small business is that it will always protect the private life of yours. You as a small business owner can be utilizing a room or the garage at your residence to store your inventories. If you are not revealing your home address, all these valuables would certainly remain safe by not revealing it to your business stakeholders where you are living.

  • Protecting yourself and your valuables from the burglars

There are several small businesses which require the storing of the valuable inventory in their home. For example, an owner of an online jewelry business which operates from home was unable to list his residential address anywhere online due to security purposes but a website does not look good and credible without a physical business address. For such a case, some prestigious virtual office in Bangalore is the best option which helps the business owner to stay safe as well as give a credible image of the business in front of the prospective customers.

  • Getting Google to help your business grow

In the majority of the cases, you can very conveniently use some prestigious virtual office address in order to opt for your Google Plus Local page.

Businesses can benefit from doing this as they get a “map pin” from the Google map service. You will have to confirm or verify the process of registration after the application to complete making of your Google business address. In this particular process, you will receive a postcard through mail containing a unique PIN printed on it. This will be delivered to your mentioned virtual office address in Bangalore. Once this postcard comes at your virtual office address in Bangalore, you can either opt to collect the same or get it forwarded toat your residential address by the virtual office manager.

After receiving the unique code, you are required to feed the PIN onin the Google account page for completing the verification process. Once this verification is completed, your verified page will be published. This is strongly recommended to get your business registered with Google Maps as it has several clouts when it comes to search marketing.

Taking advantage of the Local Searches in Google

A search in Google for a local service or product related keywords means that the search engine result pages or SERPs only result in showing ‘map pin’ which eventually appears somewhere on the top end of the page. The reason behind the same is that Google has the capability to display local search results which are based on the IP address of your device. This IP address from which it is searched correlates with the search engine’s user location highlighting the district/town/city and automatically forms on of the major search criteria. Thus, it is very helpful to have the address of your business enlisted in your respective Local database. If you do so, when anyone searches for the keywords, then your business address will enjoy weightage in appearing in the search results. This would be possible only when your small business will have a virtual office a virtual business address.

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